Forbidden Love

Tara Witner was in trouble.
The last thing she needed on her mind was a boy.


5. Feelings

(A/N) Okay so I won't be adding Harry Styles. I wasn't sure if you guys thought that would be a good idea or not. No Harry just Henry! lol!

The next day I awoke to find my door locked shut. Great. I decided to rummage through the dresser in my room to pass the time. I found some clothes and undergarments. I pulled out a matching pair of a red lace bra and panties. Do they think I'm a stripper? I was about to put them back when Henry walked through my door. He opened his mouth to say something but immediately stopped when he saw what was in my hands. "Oh I see you found your new clothes. I picked those out by the way." He winked. I shoved them back into the drawer to avoid any more embarrassment. 

"Why was my door locked?" I asked. 

"Well two  reasons. One because I had to go to the store and I couldn't risk you leaving and two  because I can do whatever I want."  He smirked. I frowned at him and crossed my arms over my light pink tank top.

"Whatever." I said walking out the door behind him. 

"Where do you think you're going?" Henry laughed walking close behind me. I entered the kitchen. "Where does it look like I'm going genius?" I still didn't like Henry. I don't care how cute he is or how nice he tries to be to me he will always be the son of my kidnapper. "Someone's snappy today." Henry laughed and turned away. Suddenly I had an idea. What if I seduced Henry into letting me go? I smiled to myself and waltzed up to Henry. Carefully I laid my hands on his chest and grabbed a handful of his shirt. He looked shocked as I pulled him down to my level. He quickly recovered though as I planted a soft kiss on his lips. He pulled away first. "I'm not that easy babe." He whispered in my ear. Shit. I sighed and walked back to the fridge to get some water. I shut the door and turned around to find Henry staring at me. "What?!" I was pissed.  "Look Tara I really am sorry that you have to be here." I looked up at him. He looked like he truly felt bad. "I had no choice. I-" 

"You had no choice?! If you really felt bad you would take me back home." I spat.

'What am I supposed to do he's my father! I can't just disobey him! He would disown me and then I would have nothing!"

"Have you even thought about how I feel about any of this? I get taken from my home and am forced to live here with freaking maniacs! I just want to go home! I don't know how you could be so cruel."

I started to cry so I ran to my room hoping Henry didn't see my tears. I  heard footsteps behind me. I got to my room and slammed the door in Henry's face and sat on the floor with my head in between my knees. A few seconds later the door opened. "Get out!" I yelled. 

My cheeks were stained with tears and my eyes felt puffy. I felt arms wrap around me. "I'm so sorry Tara. I'm not trying to be a jerk. Honestly. I just can't let you go for now." I nodded my head. I understood what he was saying but it hurt so bad.

We stayed in that position for a while. His arms stayed wrapped around me and I could feel my heart beat wildly in my chest. His eyes stared down at me with lust. Next thing I knew he was kissing me. 

(A/N That's the end of this chapter! Does Henry have feelings for Tara? Tell me what you think of this story so far!)

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