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Become a famous singer? Check. Go on tour? Check. Fall for a pop star? Not so sure that was on the list. Mya Briones only went to that audition to follow her dream. She never meant to fall for him, but she finds it hard when he's right there. The whole way through. Is she the only one feeling this way? She can't tell anyone, because in the end... He's still her best friend...


3. Can You Not?

Mya's POV:

Stop! Stop! You can't be so emotional! Why are you so emotional? I endlessly battled with my mind.

I was desperately hoping someone would find me, but then again, that I would be left in alone. I heard more footsteps, getting louder and louder with every one. I honestly hoped it was Niall or Liam, well, anyone who wasn't Harry. Was his question honestly necessary? Did he have to embarrass me even more? We had only just met, he had kissed me, then he has to have a follow up? I really don't know if I even want to continue with this job...

"Mya?" A voice asked from behind me. I was curled into a ball in a corner, finally stopping the tears. Since I didn't answer the person walked closer, sat down next to me and sighed. "I know Harry seems like a bit of a dick." I looked over confusedly, realizing it was Niall. I laughed, "A bit." He continued, "It depends on who you are. If he really likes you, it's like, love is blind. He didn't know what he did until it happened." I snorted when he said 'Love'. "But we've only just met!" I exclaimed. He replied calmly, still defending his friend, "Harry, he-he doesn't know what he's doing. No offense, but he'll probably think he loves you this week, and just 'Friendzone' you the next. That's just Harry, he really doesn't know what he wants right now." "Am I not attractive enough?" I ask, trying to be serious. He face palmed himself, "I knew Liam should be the one to have this conversation... I'll go get him-" "No! I was only joking. You need to chill."

We sat in silence for a while, but not an awkward silence. A peaceful silence. I turned towards Niall and asked, "Why am I emotional?" I knew it was stupid, and he wasn't going to know the answer, but I had to ask. He shrugged his shoulders, saying 'I don't know.' I sighed, why am I so emotional? I started to think about it when Niall interrupted it. "So are you still going to open for us?"

"Yeah, I think so. I just need a bit of time to cool down. You know? Away from this," I gestured around me, "Well, at least away from Harry." He laughed, "Yeah." However, I don't think it was a knowing yeah, oh the joys of being a girl.

We talked for a while, it seemed like hours, but it was mere minutes. I was in the middle of telling Niall about my 'Stalker'.

"And I was like can you not?" We laughed hysterically. My 'Stalker' was a boy who had this massive crush on me. He would leave notes in my locker, and sing me songs. I was talking about the time when he 'Proposed'. He got down on one knee with a ring pop, but before anything was said, I asked, "Can you not?"

"Mya? Niall?" A voice called out from down the hallway. "I think that's Liam." Niall said, getting up and brushing himself off. "Wait!" I grabbed his arm, pulling him back down. I didn't want to leave this moment. When I tried pulling him down next to me, I failed. So, he ended up on top of me, his face inches from mine. "Now this is a predicament isn't it?" he asked softly. "Why don't we just let them find us?" I asked, "There's no rush..." I looked away, I wasn't meaning to be flirtatious. "You're right, no rush. We could stay like this." His hot breathe tickled my neck, giving me shivers down my spine. "In this position?" I asked, and winked. "Sounds like a good offer, let me think about it..." He put his fingers on his chin thinking,

(pic below)

(It's fetus *teardrop)

before he gave me an answer, I pushed him off of me. He groaned loudly, and started to pout. "Don't give me that face Niall, Niall Horan!" I said, "Niall James Horan." He stated. He started to say something else, but I heard loud footsteps. Knowing they would find us I covered his mouth cutting him off.

      "Wait," I whispered. "There's no rush, no hurry." He looked at me with wide eyes. "Let's play a game... A game of hide and seek." I smiled, and dashed off quiet as possible. I heard muffled footsteps behind me, I knew he would follow me. "Mya! What are you doing?" he whisper-yelled at me. "Wadd'ya mean?" I asked him, playing dumb. "You know what I mean! Do you even know where you're going?" "Well, no but I figured you would help me?" I asked him questioningly. "Why are we even running?" he asked, this boy would not give up! "Because," I sighed exasperated, "We're playing hide and seek, and I my friend... Do not lose." he looked at me like I was the most stupid person on the planet. "So, come on!" I grabbed his hand and took off once more. 

      As we were running many thoughts were going through my mind,

'Wow, he has really soft hands.'

'I wonder what moisturizer he uses?'

'Ewe, they're kind of sweaty.'

Niall's POV:

       Just as we were rounding a corner Mya stopped abruptly. "What are you doing now?" I complained. Though I was having a lot of fun, we could get in trouble. "Stop your whining! Now, where are the catwalks?" "What are the catwalks?" I asked, I knew what they were I just wanted to irritate her. "Now you're the one playing dumb!" she yelled, and threw her hands up. "The metal things that are high above the ceilings, they're usually in factories or studios like this." she answered explaining them to me. "OH!" I said with a dramatic look, "Those catwalks! Follow me..." Now it was my turn to take her hand and drag her up two flights of stairs. "And we're here." I said stopping at a narrow archway. "Why do you even want to go to the catwalks?" I asked her, genuinely curious. She answered with a simple, "It's they're turn." and walked under the arch.

     I followed her cautiously, desperately trying not to look down. "Mya! Get back here you're gonna fall!" It seemed like I was telling her what to do every five seconds. "Come on Niall... Be a rebel." she called back without even looking. Sighing I trudged ahead, "Fine, but only for a bit."





Hey guys! Sorry for cliff hanger... (Maybe not) anyways sorry for the shitty chapter because it's midnight and I'm trying to catch up on all my movellas. I have a little survey, for you who read the author's notes... If you've read more than one of my movellas comment your favorite below!

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