Don't Forget Me

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  • Published: 24 Nov 2013
  • Updated: 3 Dec 2013
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Don't Forget Me; Don't Forget Me is about Niall and Kim. Niall and Kim are junior high lovers, but when the Horan family were about to move the summer before Niall's senior year, Niall received one of the most shocking call of his life. Kim has gotten into a car wreck and there's a chance she lost her memory. Kim and Niall has been talking about getting married and having a kid since they were in junior high. Now with Kim's memory loss, Niall is suffering and is trying his best to help Kim remember her past. Instead, Kim falls in love and marries Niall's best friend Liam. As Niall watches his love one start a new life with Liam, he is helpless with himself while trying to move on. The day of Kim and Liam's wedding, Kim regains her memory and realizes what's about to happen. The tables turn and Niall heads into more heartbreak when he gets news from Dr. Jenner that Kim has eye cancer that causes her to be blind. Will she and Niall ever be the same or will Niall's love be stronger?


3. Just Go Talk To Her

Mariah: Hey honey, how was first day? 

Kim: It was great, and I think I might of gotten myself a boyfriend. *smiles* 

Mariah: *looks at bruce* 

Bruce: *clears his throat* Niall? 

Kim: No, his friend Liam. *smiling* 

Mariah: I'm sorry, who? 

Kim: Liam, Liam Payne? 

Bruce: His best friend? 

Kim: Yeah, Liam is just so adorable mom, if you ever... 

Mariah: Yes, we know Liam honey. 

Kim: Oh, well this should be fun then. *smiles* I'm gonna go up to my room ok. *leaves to her room* 

Mariah: This is bad. 

Bruce: Go talk to her, ask her about Niall. *walks off to the livingroom* 

Mariah: Honey.  

Kim: Yeah mom. 

Mariah: Other than Liam, what did you think of Niall? 

Kim: No, he has a girlfriend. 

Mariah: Do you have any interest in him though? 

Kim: I mean, he's cute, but eh, I wouldn't date him. 

Mariah: Do you want to date Niall? 

Kim: Ew no. 

Mariah: Ew? 

Kim: Yeah, ew. 

Mariah: *crosses her arms* Why ew. 

Kim: He's not my type, mom, I wouldn't even be his friend. 

Mariah: You should be ashamed of yourself. 

Maura: Niall, what's wrong? 

Niall: It's nothing mom, I'm just gonna be up in my room. 

Maura: Ok. 

Greg: *walks out of his room* What's wrong? 

Niall: Greg, I lost Kim. 

Greg: What you mean? 

Niall: She and Liam were kissing. 

Greg: What?! 

Niall: *about to cry* I'm just gonna go lie down. *lays on his bed and cries* 

(Later That Night) 

Maura: Why don't you try going to her house and talk to her Niall. 

Niall: I don't want to, she has a boyfriend. 

Greg: I don't even think Liam's your true friend. 

Niall: Why? 

Greg: If he was, then he wouldn't have gotten with Kim. 

Maura: You're brother's right Niall. 

Niall: *takes a deep breath*  

Greg: Just go over right now and tell her... 

Niall: I don't want anything to do with her anymore! She's moved on, why can't you guys... 

Maura: She's not honey, she's brain damaged. 

Niall: I hate myself. *pushes his plate away* 

Maura: Honey, don't say that about yourself. 

Niall: If I never told her that we were moving, then maybe we could have still been together. I would be the one still holding her hand, and giving her the attention she needs and wants. 

Greg: Talk to Liam, maybe he's just as confused as you are. 

Niall: I don't even want to talk to him right now. 

Maura: We'll you're gonna have to. 

Niall: We can move now, I really don't want to live here anymore. 

Maura: Niall, no. We'd stay here for a reason and it was for Kim. 

Niall: Well, she's fine. She's just... brain... damaged. 

Greg: Niall, go talk to her. 

Maura: Yes, go honey. 

Niall: Fine, I will. *leaves the table* 

Mariah: *opens the door* Niall. 

Niall: *smiles* Is Kim home? 

Mariah: Yes, she's home, come in. 

Niall: *walks in the house* 

Kim: Hey Niall. *smiles and hugs niall* 

Niall: How are you? 

Kim: I feel great, what about you? 

Niall: Shit. *looks at Mariah and bruce*  

Kim: Why? 

Niall: I've been feeling like this for the longest Kim, for two weeks now I have been feeling like crap. 

Kim: Well whatever it is, do you want to talk about it? 

Niall: Kim, it's not gonna help. You can't even remember anything; you can't even remember who I am without your parents telling you. 

Kim: You're Niall Horan and we're best friends. I'm dating Liam Payne and your girlfriend moved? 

Niall: Actually no, she's a lot closer than you think. 

Kim: Really? I want to meet her then. 

Niall: And you already have Kim. 

Kim: Really? 

Niall: Yeah, but let's not go there. Want to go eat at Madeo's? 

Kim: What's that? 

Niall: Italian Restaurant? 

Kim: It is? Oh, never heard of it, but let's go try it out. 

Niall: *gets annoyed* I'll bring her back later Mr. Goulart. 

Bruce: Take your time son. 

Niall: *smiles and leaves*

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