Don't Forget Me

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  • Published: 24 Nov 2013
  • Updated: 3 Dec 2013
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Don't Forget Me; Don't Forget Me is about Niall and Kim. Niall and Kim are junior high lovers, but when the Horan family were about to move the summer before Niall's senior year, Niall received one of the most shocking call of his life. Kim has gotten into a car wreck and there's a chance she lost her memory. Kim and Niall has been talking about getting married and having a kid since they were in junior high. Now with Kim's memory loss, Niall is suffering and is trying his best to help Kim remember her past. Instead, Kim falls in love and marries Niall's best friend Liam. As Niall watches his love one start a new life with Liam, he is helpless with himself while trying to move on. The day of Kim and Liam's wedding, Kim regains her memory and realizes what's about to happen. The tables turn and Niall heads into more heartbreak when he gets news from Dr. Jenner that Kim has eye cancer that causes her to be blind. Will she and Niall ever be the same or will Niall's love be stronger?


1. It's My Fault

Kim: *walks out the car* 

Niall: Hey beautiful. *smiles* 

Kim: *hugs niall* Hey babe.  

Niall: *holds kims hand and walks to the table* 

Kim: *sits across from niall* What's it that you wanted to tell me? 

Niall: You know how we've always talked about getting married and one day having a kid together? 

Kim: Yeah, why? You want to change it? 

Niall: *sits in silence* 

Kim: Wait, you're breaking up with me? 

Niall: *sighs* No, I would never break up with you Kim. You know I love you and you know how badly I want to marry you, but we both agreed to do it after we graduate from high school. 

Kim: Then what is it? 

Niall: This summer with you, was amazing. I got to know you even more than last year, and I enjoy being with you. Our moms have become closer because of us.  

Kim: Babe, what are you trying to say? 

Niall: *grabs onto kims hand* Babe. 

Kim: If you're asking me to marry you, you already know me. 

Niall: *lets go of kims hand and looks to the ground* 

Kim: Niall, you can't break up with me now, we've made a deal. We've known eachother for so long now. 

Niall: *looks at kim* Babe, please don't be upset ok. 

Kim: You're cheating on me? 

Niall: No, babe! 

Kim: What! 

Niall: Don't be angry neither because you'll wish you wasn't. 

Kim: *gets curious/crosses her arms* What then? 

Niall: My family and I are moving. 

Kim: Your fam, what? 

Niall: My mom, she... 

Kim: *gets up and leaves to her car* 

Niall: *hurt* 

Maura: Honey, where'd you go?  

Niall: *silently* Mom, I hurted Kim. 

Maura: What? *hugs niall* Honey, what happened? 

Niall: I told her we were moving, and she just left. 

Maura: I'm sorry honey, maybe she just needs time to think, I'm sure she didn't mean to leave like that. 

Niall: Mom, she's hurt. 

Maura: I know she is, I'm sure she'll give you a call and explain. 

Niall: No, I have to explain. I'm gonna upstairs and make a call to her and explain. 

Maura: Ok son. 

Niall: *lays on his bed* Should I call her? *looks at his phone and then puts it down* I'm gonna take a nap first. *closes his eyes* 

(A Few Hours Later) 

Niall: *phone rings* Hello?  

Mariah: *crying* 

Niall: Hello? Mrs. Goulart?  

Mariah: Niall, come quick, Kim's been in an accident. 

Niall: *jumps out of bed* What?! Where?! 

Mariah: She's here in Los Angeles Community Hospital, room 509, floor 5, please hurry. 

Niall: I'm, I'm on my way Mrs. Goulart. *hangs up and gets dressed* 

Maura: Niall, where are you going? 

Niall: *storms out the house* 

Maura: Greg, go get him. 

Greg: Niall! 

Niall: *rolls down his window* 

Greg: Do you know what time it is? 

Niall: I have to Greg, Kim's been in an accident. 

Greg: *shocked* 

Niall: *starts the engine and reverses and drives off* 

Maura: Did you tell him? 

Greg: Mom, Kim's been in an accident. 

Maura: *gasp*  

Greg: Yeah, I don't think we'll be moving any time soon right now. Not with him in that condition. 

Niall: *runs to room 509*  

Mariah: Niall. *crying* 

Niall: *sees kim* Kim. *slowly walks up to kim* 

Kim: *sleeping* 

Niall: Kim. *sits down and holds kims hand* 

Bruce: Niall. 

Niall: *cries* What happened? 

Bruce: I don't know, she said she was meeting you, and she never came back. We got the call that said she was in the hospital. 

Niall: It's all my fault Mr. Goulart. I told her my family and I were moving and she took off. *cries harder* I should of stopped her. 

Bruce: Kid, don't stress yourself, it wasn't your fault. 

Niall: I'm, I'm just gonna go for a walk. *leaves the room* 

Dr. Jenner: Bruce and Mariah Goulart? 

Bruce: Yes. 

Dr. Jenner: I got the results, I don't know how you two are gonna deal with it, but... Kim has suffered from brain damage. 

Mariah: Brain damage! 

Dr. Jenner: Yes, she's lost 95% of her memory; she will remember very few things, mostly nothing. Let's hope she recognizes you two. 

Niall: *walks in* 

Dr. Jenner: *looks at niall* Are you her brother? 

Niall: No, I'm her boyfriend. 

Dr. Jenner: Boyfriend? Alright, well I just told her parents that Kim has suffered 95% of brain damage. It's likely she won't remember anyone, it'll be a miracle if she does. 

Niall: *stands in shock* 

Dr. Jenner: I'll be back later to check on her. 

(A Few Hours Later) 

Bruce: C'mon Niall, let's go home. We can come back tomorrow. 

Niall: *shakes his head* No, I want to stay a little longer. 

Bruce: Visiting hours are gonna close in a bit. 

Niall: I'll leave in a bit. 

Bruce: Alright. Be strong, Niall. 

Niall: Yeah. 

Bruce: *leaves with Mariah* 

Niall: *grabs kims hand and holds it/cries* Kim, what happened? Why are you like this babe? Can you please wake up, it's been four hours since I been here, you haven't woken up. Dr. Jenner told me that you've suffered 95% of brain damage. *cries harder* Can you please try your hardest to remember the love ones in your life. I'm really sorry this had to happen to us babe. It's all my fault, you're like this. *cries again* I'm so sorry babe.  

Nurse Holly: I'm sorry, but visiting hours are about to close in 5 minutes. 

Niall: Yeah, I was just leaving. 

Nurse Holly: Ok. 

Niall: *kisses kims forehead* I love you babe, I'll be back tomorrow morning. *leaves/sits in the car*

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