Don't Forget Me

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  • Published: 24 Nov 2013
  • Updated: 3 Dec 2013
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Don't Forget Me; Don't Forget Me is about Niall and Kim. Niall and Kim are junior high lovers, but when the Horan family were about to move the summer before Niall's senior year, Niall received one of the most shocking call of his life. Kim has gotten into a car wreck and there's a chance she lost her memory. Kim and Niall has been talking about getting married and having a kid since they were in junior high. Now with Kim's memory loss, Niall is suffering and is trying his best to help Kim remember her past. Instead, Kim falls in love and marries Niall's best friend Liam. As Niall watches his love one start a new life with Liam, he is helpless with himself while trying to move on. The day of Kim and Liam's wedding, Kim regains her memory and realizes what's about to happen. The tables turn and Niall heads into more heartbreak when he gets news from Dr. Jenner that Kim has eye cancer that causes her to be blind. Will she and Niall ever be the same or will Niall's love be stronger?


2. First Day Of School

(The Next Morning) 

Visitor: *slams their door* 

Niall: *wakes up* Shit, what time is it? *opens his car/heads to the hospital* 

Kim: *still unconscious* 

Niall: *enters the room* Morning babe. 

(A Few Hours Later) 

Mariah: Niall?  

Niall: Mrs. Goulart. 

Mariah: Did you not go home? 

Niall: I slept in the car. 

Mariah: Niall, why? 

Niall: I wanted to make sure she was ok. 

Mariah: You know she will be, she's here in the hospital. 

Niall: I know. 

Bruce: Niall? 

Niall: Good afternoon Mr. Goulart. 

Bruce: You look tired. 

Niall: No, I'm fine, I slept in the car. 

Bruce: In the car? Niall, your parents must be worried sick. 

Niall: I told Greg. 

Kim: *slowly wakes up* Mom? 

Mariah: *hears and looks at kim* 

Kim: *awake* 

Mariah: Honey! *walks up to kim* Honey, you're up. 

Kim: Where's dad? 

Mariah: He's outside with Niall. 

Kim: Who? 

Mariah: Ni... *gasp* 

Niall: *walks in* Kim!  

Bruce: *quickly walks in*  

Kim: *smiles* Dad. 

Bruce: Sweetheart. *hugs kim* 

Niall: *standing/smiles at kim* Hi. 

Kim: Who are you? 

Niall: *heart shatters into pieces/deeply hurt*  

Bruce: How is that possible?  

Mariah: Honey, do you not know Niall? 

Kim: Who? 

Bruce: Kim, that's Niall Horan, you two are... 

Niall: *quickly speaks for himself/fakes a smile* I'm Niall Horan; we've been friends since we were in junior high. 

Kim: I don't know you. 

Niall: *chuckles softly* It's ok, I'm not important, we can start over. *smiles* 

Kim: Wow, you're eyes are really blue and pretty. 

Niall: *smiles sad/tries not to cry* Thank you Kim, you're brown eyes are really beautiful. 

Kim: *smiles* How did we meet? 

Niall: *looks up to hold his tears back* Um, we met in math our 7th grade year.  

Kim: 7th grade year? 

Niall: Yeah, we're about to be seniors now Kim. *smiles with tears* Just two more weeks and we're gonna be seniors together.  

Kim: *smiles* I'm really looking forward to refresh my life with you by helping and guiding me. You look like a really nice guy. 

Niall: *smiles* Thank you. 

Kim: Why don't you have a girlfriend? 

Niall: *loses it and cries*  

Kim: Did something bad happen to her? 

Niall: She's, I'm sorry, I need to leave for a minute. *walks out the room and cries against the wall* 

Bruce: He'll be ok honey, he's a strong man. 

Kim: *smiles sad* I hope he's gonna be ok. 

Bruce: He will honey. 

(First Day of School) 

Kim: Niall, do you know where the math building is? 

Niall: Yeah, I can show you Kim. 

Liam: *smiles* Hey guys, hey Kim. *smiles* 

Kim: *chuckles* Do I know you? 

Liam: It's me, Liam. 

Niall: Excuse us for a minute, wait right here. 

Liam: What? 

Niall: Kim lost her memory. 

Liam: What? 

Niall: She... she got into a car wreck and suffered 95% of brain damage. She doesn't remember a thing or two. 

Liam: Wow. 

Niall: So please, just, restart with her like I am. 

Liam: Yeah. 

Niall: Sorry about that. 

Kim: It's ok. 

Liam: Yeah, sorry I mistaken you for someone. 

Kim: It's all good, there's always someone that looks like you I heard. 

Liam: Yeah, so you must be new here right? 

Kim: No, I been here before I was told, but I don't remember seeing this school in my life. 

Liam: *eyes widen* Wow, this is even worse than I thought. 

Niall: Right. *looks away* 

Kim: So who were you looking for? 

Liam: Oh, I just thought you were Niall's girlfriend, but I kind of figured, it wasn't you. 

Kim: Oh, where is she? 

Liam: She moved? 

Niall: Yeah, she moved. 

Kim: Well that sucks because she's missing out on a great guy. *smiles* 

Niall: *smiles sad* If only she knew I was him and she's mine. 

Liam: Aw, don't be sad Niall, I'm sure she'll remember. 

Kim: Remember what? 

Liam: *catches himself* Niall, she'll remember Niall... even though she lives far. *fakes a chuckle and looks away*  

Kim: I really want to meet her. 

Niall: I think you have if you just try to think a little harder? 

Kim: *thinks*  

Liam: *eyes widen* This is serious, she's serious Niall. 

Niall: *stares at kim* 

Kim: *stops thinking* Yeah, I don't think I've ever met her. I mean, I wouldn't even know you if it wasn't for my parents. 

Niall: I'm gonna go get something to eat. *walks off* 

Liam: So? 

Kim: You're cute. 

Liam: What? 

Kim: What'd you say your name was again? 

Liam: Liam. *smiles* 

Kim: Liam? *smiles* I like you, I think we should be together. 

Liam: Together? As in boyfriend and girlfriend or? 

Kim: *grabs liams hand and holds it* Yeah. *smiles and swings their hands* 

Liam: Oh lord. 

Niall: *gets his food and walks back to liam and kim* 

Kim: *kisses liam* 

Niall: *turns the corner and sees kim kissing liam/drops his food* 

Liam: *gets startled*  

Kim: *turns around* Niall? 

Niall: Uh. *looks at liam* 

Kim: Niall! 

Niall: *snaps out* My, my. *picks up his food quick* It must have slipped out of my hands.* 

Liam: *helps niall pick up his food* 

Niall: I got it! *stares at liam/tries not to cry* 

Liam: Niall, I'm... 

Niall: Don't. *goes and throws his food away/walks off*

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