unexpected love <3

Emily, Monse, Cynthia, and Daffney set of to London for a vacation that would would change everything


10. will she make it

jorrell prospective

when we got to the hospital daffney was still unconscious the she had lost a lot of blood. right when I got to the hospital they took her to the emergency room I waited in the waiting for the doctors to say she was ok but the didn't. After like half an hour later  the doctor walked in but he didn't look relive he looked more worried so he sat me down and told me that I had lost a lot of blood and he don't have her blood type wh-whats her blood type I stuttered. he looked at me and showed me her blood type. I HAVE THE SAME BLOOD TYPE AS HER I said excited the doctor looked at me surprised and asked can you donate of course I will so  the doctor took me to the room she was on, she looked weak and pail. the doctor took me to the other room and took my blood I had to sit there for a while because they took alot of blood, the doctor thanked me and left the room. I went to the waiting room just when a tall dark hair boy walk in he was so angry and sad they told him to sit down , he sat near me just to be friendly and to help not think about daffney I asked why are you here he looked at me with a angry look.

zayn prospective

as I sat down a guy asked me why I was here I looked at him and told him my girlfriend got stabbed he looked at me shocked wait my friend also got stabbed. what her name I ask the boy daffney the boy answered same her I said he looked shocked I got closer to the bot and asked how long he has been her. her said he was the one that took daffney to the hositial oh so your jorrell zayn ask yes the boy nodded then I asked him how daffney is hes smile fades well she lots alot of blood and the doctors didn't have her type of blood I just wanted to die but I have the same blood as her so I gave her some of my blood and that's all I know I thanked jorrell almost wanting to hug him but then two doctors came in one headed to use and heahed toward another patient that looked like monse so I went up to the doctor and saw that it was monse

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