unexpected love <3

Emily, Monse, Cynthia, and Daffney set of to London for a vacation that would would change everything


11. what going on

I walked back to jorrell and asked what the doctor had see, he told that she would be fine that there just going to keep her over night to make sure nothing goes wrong. I nodded then monse came to my mind , what had happen so I asked jorrell that when he left was max still there ?

Jorrell prospective

zayn asked me If max was still there when I left and I got scared because why would it matter but then I thought why he got up and went to the other doctor and monse popped into my head. n-no I stuttered to say a worried look in my face ?why? I ask he say that the doctors just can in with monse and she was hurt, I just stared at zayn for a long time , then liam cam running in and saw zayn and sat next to him why zayn is asking him WHATS WRONG WHAT HAPPEN TO MONSE ?

Liam prospective

well after jorrell left to the hospital I got home minutes later to see monse bleeding on the floor and max standing there smirking I started to punch max because of what he did so that's why monse is he zayn was shocked and said he was going to call his mum  when zayn left I asked jorrell if daffneys ok he nodded still in shock then told me that he was going to go home and rest because it was 3:00 am as jorrell left the doctor came in and told me that I could go in a see monse but that she might be asleep I nodded and walk to her room. she was asleep so I decided to sit and wait until she wakes up while she was asleep I was looking at how cute she was her light brown hair her glasses I had always had a crush on monse but niall stole her heart :( but I was going to get it back, suddenly I got a text from zayn saying that he cant find niall or harry or Emily or Cynthia anywhere I started to panick but before I did I texted niall and asked were he was and then he reminded me that he went with harry and Emily and Cynthia to meet nialls aunts and uncles I smiled to myself because this gives me a chance to make monse mine

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