unexpected love <3

Emily, Monse, Cynthia, and Daffney set of to London for a vacation that would would change everything



zayn punches max one more time in the face before walk out side. then everyone got there zayn remembers that he forgot his bag as said he will me right back, so every one sits down waiting for zayn and starts talking about the fight and what they got. 30 min later Daffney notices that zayn still was not back so she told Louis she would be right back, Louis nodded as Daffney walk off. Daffney walked in the room yelling zayn name and then she hear him ,he was on the floor in pain holding his stomach. Daffney bends down to see what's wrong and then she noticed that zayn was bleeding ,Daffney asked zayn what had happen before calling 911 , Max zayn said with a angry tone. Daffney called everyone over as they come in and looked shocked Louis asked Daffney  what happen   max stabbed zayn Daffney responded , soon after I ambulance cam and took zayn I didn't want to ruin liams  nialls and Harrys date so I said I would look after zayn. Emily and Cynthia looked at me with a smirk while thanking me and walking away with Liam and harry, Louis drove me to the hospital and asked if it was ok if he headed home that he needed to get some rest, Daffney nodded before getting of the car and going into the hospital ,Daffney asked for zayn Malik then the nurse lead here to zayn who was asleep. as Daffney was sitting there she didn't know why but she kept day dreaming of zayn and the kiss and how cute he was when he was asleep then she snapped out of it wonder what the hell she was thinking of. zayn started to wake up Daffney went next to him asking him if he was ok zayn nodded wondering what had just happen and why he was in the hospital ,Daffney started to explain what happened but as she was telling hi she couldn't help but loo into his honey eyes as he just listened and smiled. Daffney finished explaining what had happen and it was awkward for a sec but then zayn apologized for his bad behavior. Daffney said it was ok as she gave zayn a small hug making sure not to hurt him. zayn smiled before going to sleep

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