unexpected love <3

Emily, Monse, Cynthia, and Daffney set of to London for a vacation that would would change everything


3. not over yet

zayn starts the fight very strong but they were getting to the second round max hit zayn right in the face, zayn fell down but just as max was going to hit zayn again zayn managed to get up and move out the way. As max was on the floor crying in pain zayn looked over to Louis who had he hand around Daffney waist zayn got mixed emotions as zayn was dealing with the sad emotions max got up and hit zayn. that's when zayn reacted a little but know was on the floor getting hit my max over and over again. Daffney and Louis got scared and they ran to zayn as the 2 round was over now it was only zayn Daffney and Louis at the fight liam and Emily and niall and harry and Cynthia and monse and niall went to go eat and we would all meet back up here when the fight was over. Louis looked at zayn to see if he was still conscious zayn reacted and told Louis ''wtf are u holding Daffney as he pushed Louis a little , then Louis says come down bro she was just a little scared zayn nodded  in agreement. The bell rang meaning time for next fight zayn got up and the fight started zayn punched max in the gut and with all the power max had he punched zayn , zayn fell to the floor in pain looking at Louis. then Louis remembered how jealous zayn was of Louis touching Daffney so Louis went over to Daffney and hugged her just as Daffney hugged back right in the second that zayn saw that he got up and started to hit max with all his power leaving max unconscious making zayn the winner. zayn walked over to Daffney and Louis ready to hit Louis just as Daffney can up to him to tell him good job making zayn calm down a little, Daffney saw zayns brused face and said she would get so ice zayn nodded and walk more torward Louis and asked ''what was that for Louis zayn said angry Louis looked at zayn and said it was to make u angry and win Louis said with a grin on his face. zayn smiled and friendly punched him arm as Daffney came back with a ice pack  and handed it to zayn, thanks Daffney zayn said while smiling no problem Daffney says while getting closer to Louis. then the 3 of then walk outside waiting for the boys and there girlfriends but before the left max can up to zayn as said this is not over !!!

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