unexpected love <3

Emily, Monse, Cynthia, and Daffney set of to London for a vacation that would would change everything


2. fighting for love

As we keep walking we got to zayns fight Daffney was so excited she loved fights. Emily holds liam closer just like monse does to niall me and Louis just laugh as zayn gets ready to fight max. Louis went to introduce Daffney Emily ,monse and Cynthia to see zayn before he fights. As we walked up to zany Louis tells him this is Daffney, Cynthia, monse , and we all wave hi to zayn . zayn says high with a smile on his face,   I just want you guys to see zayn before he get beat up Louis jokes as I laugh with Louis. then zayns says '' haha Louis so funny'' but for some reason zayn could not staring at Daffney, she felt kinda scared then Louis went to go to talk to niall and harry it was akward taking to zayn , he just kept smiling at Daffney as he got closer and then his lips met daffneys lips. wtf zayn Daffney sreams and she push away and walks over to Louis who just found out some weird news. As I walk to Louis Cynthia tell me she needs to talk to me and the girls so I said ok meet u outside in a sec then I went up to Louis who was talking to liam niall and harry I pulled him to the side and said  '' Louis wtf is up with zayn keep him away me Daffney sreamed ''!!! '' what he do''? Louis asked go ask him daffneysaid in a angry tone as she walk outside. Louis walked over to zayn who had a grin on his face '' wtf did you do to Daffney she so mad ''? Louis asked , ''lets just say I thought she was cute and I kissed her'' zayn says with a huge grin on his face. ''wtf zayn u just meet the poor girl'' then back to the girls first monse said '' OMG u guys im dating niall horan omg ahh'' Daffney and cynthis were so happy for monse , next went Cynthia '' well guys I have been dating harry for 1 month now'' Daffney and monse were so happy but mad that cynthiia didn't tell them sooner, next went Emily she said that liam was taking her out on a date with liam we were so happy and we promised after the fight we would all go shoping to help her look for a dress to wear. then Emily Cynthia and monse all looked at Daffney, what ? Daffney asks confused  they all look at her then monse says we all saw that kiss zayn gave u , HE IS SO DISCUSTING Daffney yells back before going inside to stand by Louis as zayn starts to fight. beforw the fight starts zayn looks over at Daffney then winks and her as she rolls her eyes

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