unexpected love <3

Emily, Monse, Cynthia, and Daffney set of to London for a vacation that would would change everything


1. vacation time

Daffney and the girls have been planning to go to London for a while and they finally get to go :)

we were leaving tomorrow morning at 9:00 so all of use head to sleep but before we all head off to sleep we talk about what were going to do when we get there. Monse suggest that we go shopping but Daffney and Cynthia hate shopping so we planed that Cynthia and Daffney would go see a fight while Monse and Emily would go shoping. In the morning everyone woke up late so we were a hot mess but we didn't really care so we left. when we got to the airport we took our sits of course Daffney and Cynthia sat together and Emily and monse sat together. when we got off the plane Cynthia had a huge smile on her face ,Daffney ask ''why u smiling?'' ''noting '' Cynthia answers. being cynthias friends for years I knew something was up. Then I noticed that there was a lot girls mobbing 3 boys so Daffney went to see whats going on as the girls follow her. as soon as we got to the front of the crowd we saw Louis tomlinsion  Niall Horan and Harry styles I liked them but I knew that they didn't like fans screaming so we we acted normal even if in the inside we were screaming and jumping. As soon as Harry Styles got a look at Cynthia he can walking to use Cynthia smile grow so much bigger Louis and niall follow harry out of the crowed Louis can to use he said ''  im Louis and this is niall and harry '' I just stood there smiling when harry asked Cynthia why we were all here, Cynthia answered '' well me Daffney monse and Emily can for a vacation'' harry smiled '' well maybe I could show u girls around'' Cynthia nodded and smiled and we all left the airport. Cynthia hooked her arm to harry as Daffney and Emily were talking to Louis. its like were on a date Daffney joked Emily laughed Louis looked confused then Daffney explained that monse and niall were really hitting it off and Cynthia and harry look as if they need each other for years'' Louis laughs as I ask were we are going? Louis looked at me and said first we are going to pick up liam and then see zany fight'' ,then Daffney says yes I love fights '' when we went to pick up liam he smiled at Emily as they started talking. I guess its just us two Daffney said as her and lol laugh

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