Her Choice

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After their adventure in the games are finished, Katniss Everdeen flees from everything she has ever encountered. She is accompanied by her accomplice Gale Hawthorne. Together they face the struggles of raising a baby in their early twenties. Gash the baby was their trigger. They were both considered an embarrassment to society. Therefore, the family relocated to District 2. Will Peeta win her back? Will he have to face the the love of his life with his worst rival?


6. The Key

“I do!” I exclaimed while I gazed at the white laced heart line of Katniss' wedding dress. Her train was consumed by a ray of flowers. The ring bearer was Gash. Gale was nowhere to be seen. I guess his invitation got ‘lost’ in the mail!

“You may kiss the lovely bride,” the Chaplin proclaimed. I embraced her in my arms and planted a kiss on her li-.

“WAKE UP!” a voice roared. My eyes remained closed so I could try to keep my awesome dream alive.

“Come on you sleepy/lazy head!” he shouted again.

“I’m-m up,” I wearily said.

“I thought you had a hangover or something. I have been in your house for thirty minutes and trying to wake you up for about fifteen!” Finnick explained. I like him because he is someone who saved my life and would never try to steal my girl. I just materialized he is someone I could consider to be trustworthy.

“I’m sorry. No I was just really upset last night.” I said through a fake smile.

“I understand. It’s about the news right?” he comprehended. I slowly shook my head up and down to his response.

“Well, if you weren’t stoned last night why didn’t you wake up immediately?” Finn asked. I call him Finn ever since the wetland arena. He is such a swift swimmer especially when he saved my life in the water.

“I was in the middle of an exiting dream,” I blushed.

“Who was in it? Katniss?” he teased.

“Of course! You know me like the back of your hand.” I laughed as I gently slapped on his muscular bicep. I think it hurt me more than him. Without a flinch he continued,

“What’s on the agenda for today?"

“Just a variety of writing.” I said coldly.

“I thought you were going to your almost mother-in-laws place,” he said bewildered.

“I was about to but I couldn’t stand getting rejected again. I’m sure she loathes me. I mean I tried to steal her daughter away from the ‘perfect’ Gale.” I dismayed.

“Man, I don’t think she hates you. I bet you are still identified by family.” Finn said with a grin.

“More like friends,” I cheerlessly said.

“Don’t worry. ‘Everything will be okay in the end, if it’s not okay it’s not the end.” Finnick quoted as he patted my back.

“Okay, let’s change the subject. Do you want anything to drink or did you-?”

“I helped myself,” he interrupted me.

“What’s prepared for the rest of your day?” I questioned, while swinging the fridge open and grasping a bottle of water.

“Since it’s already two, I will give you some advice. Then I will return to my sweetheart Annie.” Finnick smirked. Once he formed the word Annie his face lit up.

“At least you have someone to return home to...” I murmured. His face darkened after I spit out my last sentence.

“A-ah sorry, I didn’t mean to hurt your-” I said embarrassed.

“It’s okay I know,” he empathized.

“About that advice?” I said before I sipped on my fresh water.

“Fight! Love is a battlefield. With all of the wonders and wants of the world. What do people crave the most?” Finn said as he pointed at me.

“Uh-umm, l-love?” I said carefully.

“JACKPOT! Everyone wants to be adored, wanted, and accepted. ” he finished.

“Very true and valid point.” I started nodding my head to the beat that his brown based shoe tapped.

“Have fun with your writing! Lover boy. I better be going.” Finnick badgered.

“Bye, see ya later.” I said ignoring his final assertion. My face stayed in the same pose. He knew what I was trying to accomplish. I walked him to the door and waved him on his way. Before I turned to go back inside I caught a glimpse of another camera crew.

“Why not just ‘bug’ my house?!” I said in anger.

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