Her Choice

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After their adventure in the games are finished, Katniss Everdeen flees from everything she has ever encountered. She is accompanied by her accomplice Gale Hawthorne. Together they face the struggles of raising a baby in their early twenties. Gash the baby was their trigger. They were both considered an embarrassment to society. Therefore, the family relocated to District 2. Will Peeta win her back? Will he have to face the the love of his life with his worst rival?


7. Don't Forget

Ding! Bloop! Ding! Bloop! My alarm clock sounded. Unfortunately the buzzer succeeded in awakening me. In large bubbly numbers read four o’clock.

“What? This can’t be right.” I sighed, trying to adjust the time. I started to reschedule the correct time.

“Come on! Not now. All I want is sleep!” I angrily shouted. My next attempt resulted in the annoying clock blaring that obnoxious tune again.

“How could anyone or anything sleep through this?! Great, now I am never going to fall back asleep again.” I voiced my thoughts aloud.

Click! Click! Now my head was facing the T.V. My instincts told me that’s where the unknown sound was emitted from.  I trudged from my heated nest towards the T.V. My fingers groped for the sleep or restart button. This is very unusual, I couldn’t locate any indentations. My throat croaked,

“Lights!” The room obeyed my command. Mechanical sources of light seeped through every electrical product. Including my T.V. My thumb grazed for the off switch but before I glanced down a face appeared. My legs pushed back so I was about a foot away from the recognizable face.

“K-katniss?” I questioned. After I realized it was her my head slumped down towards the ground. I couldn't bring myself to meet her eyes.

“You know you can look at me right?"

“I know. What is this about? Why, four in the morning very convenient.” I finished with a sarcastic remark.

Look trust me it's important. I wouldn’t dare ask for your help or even your time if it wasn’t an emergency.” She said solemnly.

“Wait, is this about why I left? If it is I am terribly sorry about that. I did it for-”

“It is not about that pay heed. This is the precise time that Gale is deep in sleep. I needed to talk to you without his approval.” she said sternly.

“Well, I guess I am all ears.” I replied knowing that I would definitely regret my decision later. I know that Katniss is way over her head. If she really was Gale’s soul mate she must of fell head over heels for him. Maybe Gale dragged her into to this filth once Gash was conceived. Did he threaten to disregard her without some sort of consent? Thousands of thoughts cluttered my head.

“Can I trust and count on you?” she begged.

“A-aaa yeah.” I assured not knowing anything I was bound to.

“Keep in mind there is no room for error.” That sentence echoed in my head. Empathizing the key word error.

“May I ask one simple question?”

“Shoot.” Her one word plain response.

“You’re okay right? I can only keep my end of the bargain up if there is NO secrets.”


“Or white lies...” I replaced her words with mine. Her face froze for a few seconds. Immediately she tried to change the subject. After a short pause,

“I would let you admire Gash but I am concerned about Gale.”

“Nice try but you have to comply with my terms,” I said strictly.

“Shhhh!” she whispered. “Not too loud.” The screen went black. A wave of silence swept across the room. The only thing audible was the racket of steps. Echoing throughout the foundation, I could still manage to hear Katniss’ short troubled breaths.

“Wow, she has everything planned out.” I stifled. A plaid blanket sprawled over area of light and the mute button at her reach. The mute switch was triggered but only on my end. A very monotone yet at the same time demanding voice entered our secret convention.  

“What are you doing up so early? Please come back to sleep.” Gale pleaded.

“Sorry, I couldn’t fall back to sleep after my night scare.” She misled.

“Awe, I’m sorry don’t apologize do you want me to wait up until you fall asleep again?” he proposed.

“No thank you I think the T.V. will help. You need all of your energy for your new job opportunity tomorrow.” She grinned after a peck on the cheek.

“Okay, night.” He said with stretched arms above his head to complete his yawn.

“Sweet dreams,” she waved. She proceeded to endure the darkness until she heard the door close behind Gale. The mute button was unactivated and the blanket was removed. There was a thin interference consuming her face. A scribbled slip of paper was held in front of her camera which was transferred to my screen. It read,

Date: tomorrow

Destination: classified

Time: 09:22

Objective: corner, capture, kill, and cover it.

Slogan/motto: discreet and neat. When this is accomplished it is considered neat. DO NOT FORGET!

I guess she thought it wasn’t secure to discuss details. Thank God she included my focus. The bold letters caught my attention. I wrote back,


I heard the fumbling of pens and pencils.

Katniss- Here. “Simple right?”

Me-Not exactly.

Katniss- This is the only solution standing. I think it will protect our family.

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