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After their adventure in the games are finished, Katniss Everdeen flees from everything she has ever encountered. She is accompanied by her accomplice Gale Hawthorne. Together they face the struggles of raising a baby in their early twenties. Gash the baby was their trigger. They were both considered an embarrassment to society. Therefore, the family relocated to District 2. Will Peeta win her back? Will he have to face the the love of his life with his worst rival?


9. All of me

IMPORTANT-Read my A/N it will help with any confusion.-Thanx!

“Yes!” I cheered allowed, once finally found out how to work the cam to my T.V. Quickly whipped my my blue ballpoint pen out. Tearing a page out of my notebook and began to apologize. I scribbled down very possible way to say sorry and a few things of what I recited in my head. The entire time I was writing her letter I was in a corner rocking back and fourth. Anyway, heres a portion,

I know you are probably waiting to make your move. Wondering why I am not there to tell you. However, what I ponder why do we have to be so secretive? Why can’t we do it publicly? If that means a bounty on my head, I’m down with that. We can escape this. You didn’t seem to have a problem with that before. I don’t want to have to question you, in matter a fact I still have faith in (you) us. Anyway, the whole point of this is to say I am so sorry but I’m bailing. Honestly, I can’t handle all of the pressure. I am still not sure what my role is. Every Time you reach out my heart skips a beat but I wonder what you expect of me. If that means all contact cut, I don’t know h0w I will survive but I will manage. I (won’t) can’t live without you. I guess this is goodbye...for now. Forever,


As soon as I double checked and assured myself that it was the biggest mistake in my life and that I was satisfied. Turning on the camera I watched her accept my request. I placed the sheet of paper in front of the camera. The camera focused on that one subject. I hope she will understand. Gash will be fine. He has a father that loves him as his own. A gorgeous mother who has to know that she will never be replaced.  

    The other end was still a dead silence…

    “NO!” “You CAN NOT do this to me, especially when I need you most.”

    “I have to,” I sighed. The screen froze almost like she paused the camera. The pixels revealed her face pointed downwards in front of the camera. Her face was very grainy and blurry. Maybe she was waiting on Gash. Usually she wants to interact with him. This feels different…


Then the screen went pitch black. All went quiet again everything mimicked minutes earlier.

“Goodbye to you too!” I shouted towards the camera. As if it was representing a human. Hey, i guess I deserved it. What I just did was pretty wrong. Although, it doesn’t define as her decision totally wrong for pulling me into her mess. So long my long lost lover. I hope she figures out, there will never ever be anything like us.

My notebook was a good place to begin listing.

Our friendship. For example, how we started out friends.

Our love. Hec, we made a baby it was so great.

(Our family.) Whoops, almost forgot thats not happening! News Flash.

Our endurance. Plastered in the back of my brain is that we were willing to never give up on eachother.

Our story. Realization- everything is in past tense!

I am sure if its meant to be we will find a way back into each others hearts. Sadly, destiny doesn’t like change. In fact, it can’t be changed. No matter how hard you try. Some things are just meant to be. Honestly, in the end I don’t know if its really worth it.

I will mention one point. We are HUMAN. Not everything goes our way. As a result, we can become selfish. Not everyone wants to admit it but its true. Once we don’t get our way, we transform into a train wreck. Life turns into ME. The tiniest things bother you that wouldn’t on a normal day. Lets be honest whose normal? No one is, we are unique. Thats a good thing. Sorry, just had to preach for a while.

It calms me down.

Helps me remember that nothing is PERFECT.

Reminds me who I am, how far I come, and how I survived it ALL.. Good-Katniss and Gash. Bad-Gale. Ugly-The Games,

    Sometimes, theres still a vague question in my mind, why am I still here? Thinking back, I have made a few impacts on our society. Might I add not all of them reflect good character on my part. Defying the government.-not something you should be definitely proud about. Rallying rebellions?-probably on the worlds most hated/watched list.

I guess just count your blessings.. One day you could wake up with everything you have ever dreamed of. The next day you could end up poor. I learned that the hard way. It took me almost eternity to realize that life is a rollercoaster. Everything is so backwards in my life. Sometimes I wonder if its opposite day.  

A/N Wow its been 3 weeks I believe since my last update. If you haven't noticed I am testing out different fonts. I was trying before to do his thought but then cross it out. Sadly it doesn't show up so sorry if it looks weird. As a result i did this () that means it supposed to be crossed out!

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