Team Superior

Heaven. Hell. Earth. Three different places. Three different stages. I'm part of Team Superior. We're the 'guardian angels' you pathetic humans are always blabbing about. Of course, if we were purebred angels, we wouldn't spend our days on your filthy planet. I'd rather be in hell.

Sorry about that. My demon side can get a little carried away. Allow me to explain. Team Superior is a group of half demon, half angel hybrids who are 'damned' to live on earth. We take on supernatural jobs for money. I guess you could say we're the best of the best. We're branded with the letter S on our dominant hands as soon as we turn two. There are 3 simple rules to being part of Team Superior. 1, you can't ever reveal your identity. 2, you may only enter heaven or hell for minutes at a time. 3, you can NEVER fall in love. Simple, right?



"Guess who's back!" I shouted down the empty hall. I was instantly greeted by a puff of white smoke.

"Ah, the last two. Pansy would like to have a word with all of Team Superior. Please, hold on tightly," Seraphim, a messenger angel said, grabbing both Vincent and I's hands. Pansy was our Angelic Overseer of 10 years, and gave us any specific tasks or instructions from heaven. I groaned as we were transported into a pure white room with the other 5 members of Team Superior. Guess I should introduce you to the entire team, going in the order they were standing. Before you ask our ages, we're all frozen at age 16. Best age for the hunt, I guess. Keep in mind that we all have the same attributes as each other, but I'm going to touch on the one's that make us 'unique'.

Redd, on the far left, is the very handsome, yet VERY danger charmer of the group. With dirty blonde hair that fans out into a dark brown at the ends and green eyes, his favourite pastime was messing with human girls who were to die very soon. He likes to trick them into falling in love with him before killing them. I'd steer clear of him if I were you.

Then there was Ravenna, your classic innocent beauty. With her ginger hair, freckles, and brown eyes, it's easy for any guy to fall for her. Like Redd, she's a charmer who loves breaking hearts. Together, they make a pretty good duo, so, naturally, they're partners. You never know when you could become one of their victims.

Next is Blake, who could steal you blind without you even knowing. He's your everyday brunette with unusual orange eyes that twinkle. He usually works solo because he feels that other people have heavy feet. I swear, you would NEVER be able to see him coming.

To his right was Blu, and, just as her name implies, her hair is naturally a very light blue when she's not in disguise. She loves taking on undercover jobs were she has to dress up like different people. Here eyes were always her biggest concern because they were a very pale grey, almost like she was dehydrated.

Next to Blu was her partner Wes, who was also a dresser-upper. Him and Blu love to act and dress up, so their perfect together. Not in a flirty way, of course. Their siblings. Wes's hair was a dark turquoise and he has yellow eyes that resemble a cat's

Then there was my partner, Vincent. He's lazy, but he gets his stuff done. He's like a shadow, with black eyes and hair. We have the same angel mother, but have different demon fathers. We've been together since I was born 180 years ago.

Lastly, there was me, Hunter. My hair is silver with black ends, and my eyes, well, my eyes are strange. One of my eyes is blood red, and the other is a shiny purple. All of my teeth are sharpened to fangs. Vincent and I are killers, and we love killing people straight up. No if, ands, or buts about it.

"Hello, Team Superior. Good to see you again,"  Pansy said, entering the room with a little girl on her arm.

"Hello, Pansy," We all said at the same time.

"This is my 2 year old daughter Sierra," She said proudly, pushing the little girl forward. The little angel girl surprisingly didn't glow with the same innocence her mother did. Something was off about that little girl, and I had to figure out what it was.

"On to the task at hand. Amon and I need you to complete a special protection task," She went on as Sierra hesitantly put out her hand to touch Vincent.

"You of all people are working with Amon?!" Vincent burst out, causing Sierra to bounce back with a tiny scream. Which snapped us out of our formation.

"Aw, don't be scared little girl. Vincent may look scary, but he's nice," Ravenna purred in her faint southern accent, kneeling by the little girl. Pansy jerked the little girl away from Ravenna as soon as she could.

"As I was saying," She said as she pulled Sierra protectively to her, "Amon and I need you  to protect a couple in Los Angeles. They're both 17 year old Djinn who need to be protected from all other super naturals for a few months. They're really important," I'm seriously getting bored with all her babbling, and I'm afraid time is running out. My feet started to tingle, which soon turned to burning. I grit my teeth in agony as the fire spread.

"Pansy! Sorry to interrupt, but we've got to go. NOW!" Redd said in his velvety smooth voice, strained with pain.

"Wha-OH! I am so sorry! Here's their information. They're expecting you all before sundown in 4 hours. I must say, I think this will be a wonderful experience for you. Just because Amon is your demon overseer, even Lucifer knows that these two must be protected at all time. You just have to stay there until the en-"

"PANSY! YOU'RE BABBLING AGAIN! We'll be there ok?" Wes said, agitated. I could relate. I felt like I was being burned alive. Pansy fluttered around noisily before giving us each two envelopes. As soon as we had our information, we teleported back to Earth.

"Better get packing. Damnit! Why did Pansy have to keep us there so long?!" Blake complained as he put on his favourite snapback.

"No use complaining now. Let's just get going," Blu said in a faux Australian accent.



Once we got to Los Angeles, we found the Djinn's house empty. We all decided to split up and look for them. I found them not three miles away, in front of a wishing well. As I got closer, I saw something coming from the well. A werewolf. I'm guessing it was heavily glamoured because the Djinn seemed unsuspecting. I saw the wolf's claws go up and I instantly went into hunting mode.

"Get down!" I shouted as I ran toward the well. I saw the couple look up with shock as I came rushing toward them.

"Are you deaf!? I said get down!" I shouted again as I grabbed the furry beast by the ears and pulled it up and out of the well. The Djinn jumped back with surprise as I banged the wolf repeatedly into the ground, eventually forcing it to phase. In the wolf's place lie a thrashing woman of no more than 23.

"What business do you have with the Djinn?" I hissed in her face, my hands fastened around her neck. She stilled and gave me a death glare.

"Never thought I'd meet a Superior on a mission," She said in a thick Russian accent. My hands tightened around her neck as my eyes turned black and I smiled, running my tongue over my fangs.

"I'll never talk, no matter how much you torture me. I'd rather die than betray Russia," The lady spat.

"Wish granted," I heard Vincent say. The wolf's eyes grew wide and she mouthed the words ''The Killers' before Vincent shot her right in the head with a silver bullet. The wolf was dead in seconds.

"What is going on here?!" Alondra, the female Djinn screamed, clutching desperately to her boyfriend, Jason.

"Now I see what Pansy meant. These two obviously can't protect themselves," I mumbled as I pulled a incisor out of the dead werewolf's mouth. I wrapped the incisor in a piece of cloth and crushed it into dust. The dust from a werewolf's fang could cure any sickness, and I have a feeling this will come in handy for the next few months.

"Are you Team Superior? I thought there were 7," Jason said, confused, his hazel eyes on me.

"There are." Redd said, joining us along with the rest of the team. I saw Alondra's eyes grow wide when she saw him. Redd smirked in her direction and her cheeks flushed. Yepp, he has her hooked.

"We are Team Superior," We all said at the same time.

"Guess we should introduce ourselves. I'm Felix, nice to meet you," Redd said, holding out his hand, then grinning when Alondra was the first one to take his outstretched hand, her obviously-dyed blonde curls bouncing visibly.

"Marco," Blake said, not even bothering with the whole 'nice to meet you' thing as he studied the area, picking up on the late-fall leaves from the ground and crushing it between his fingers. He just gives off this 'don't come near me' vibe, but none-the-less, he shook hands with the couple.

"I'm Penelope, and it's a pleasure to meet you two," Ravenna said with a wide smile, giving the Djinn a hug as if they were family.

"I'm Arabella. Charmed to make your acquaintances," Blu said in a faux British accent, shaking the couple's hands.

"Sup, dudes. I'm "Harold", but you dudes can call me thunder," Wes said in a hippie impression, immediately snapping into character. Told you those two like going all-out.

"I'm Reginald, but you can call me Reggie. It's really nice to meet you guys," I almost couldn't control my laughter as Vincent introduced himself. Reginald, seriously? He shook hands with Alondra and Jason before receding inside himself, looking off into space.

"Carmen," I said off the top of my head. Jason held out his hand for me to shake, but I just stared at his hand before giving him a 'as if' look.

"Hello, I'm-"

"Alondra," I interrupted, cutting off the girl mid-sentence, "Alondra Martinez, 17 years old, born in Mexico City. And you," I continued, turning to Jason, "Jason Michaels, also 17, born and raised right her in L.A." I concluded, registering the shock on their faces with a smile.

"We know more than you think," Vincent sighed, putting his gun back in it's holster. You may be wondering why we're using aliases. Rule number 1 of being a Superior, you can NEVER reveal your true identity.

"Um, sorry if this is personal, but why is there a number 7 overlapping an S on your left hand?" Jason asked as we walked back to the Djinn's house. I had sort of fallen behind everyone else and he just had to join me. I stuffed both my hands in my jean pockets and began to speak, all the while looking forward.

"I'm the 7th Superior. I'm the youngest. I'm left handed, the youngest Superior, and part of Team SUPERIOR. I think you should be able to piece things together pretty well, lover boy," I snipped, looking to where Alondra was practically throwing herself at Redd.

"Might want to watch out for Felix. Don't want to find Alondra naked and dead tomorrow, do you? You are the only important one after all," I warned, smiling slightly at the thought. That sure shut him up.

Once we got back to their house 5 minutes later, they showed us to our rooms. Blu, Ravenna, and I would share a room, while Vincent and Blake shared, and Wes and Redd shared. Afterwards, we all met in their living room.

"Guess we should explain the rules we discussed before we flew here," I started out, "Rule 1. The two of you will not leave the house without your group. The groups go as followed. Felix, Reginald and Harold will be with Alondra and Penelope, Arabella and I will be with Jason. Marco always does his own thing. Rule 2. Anything that happens in this house does not leave this house. It's risky enough as it is having all of us on one mission in the first place. Finally, Alondra, don't step out of line. The only reason we're keeping you alive is because you're in relations with Jason. I believe Jason knows exactly why it is that we're here," I said, throwing the rest of the team a look that only we understood. A look that said, 'if you get tired of it, kill it.'


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