Virtual Apocolypse

Ever wondered how the apocolypse would of played out if you were in it? Well now you can find out how you would survive in a full scaled novel telling the story of 6-10 survivors and how they survived against the alien zombies and the ocassional bandits.


5. Chapter One: Nikki/Michael


My legs are killing me the dead has been chasing me all day and if I don't find a camp soon I'll be dead. I heard an explosion not far from here and would rather not explore that area of the city. I did however notice a boy a few minutes after the explosion and he past straight by me. I clutch my pistol tighter as a noise echoes through the air, could it be the dead have somehow tracked me down again? I let my finger slip around the trigger and feel sweat drop from my forehead. A shadow appears in the corner of my eye and I quickly turn letting my finger squeeze the trigger releasing a bang. I notice that a bandit hits the floor and hear more footsteps followed by moaning, looks like I'm still on the run. I turn and run out onto the street looking around noticing that guy playing with his hair like a typical high school boy, I watch as if imprisoned in time letting my mind flutter into a fantasy as I watch him fix his spiked up Ronaldo like hairdo. I hear a loud thud behind me and then jerk back to reality leaving me in an aftershock. I run towards him and hide as I realise he may see me. I notice him turn handying his mp5 sub machine gun. I dart to the left hiding in an alley. I watch as he pulls the trigger and knocks off perfect headshots on the bandits. I can't help but smile and then continue to follow him as he leads me unintentionally to his camp or wherever he was taking me.

After a good hour of walking I realise that this boy had been smart as he picked up boxes that he had rolled towards his safehouse in carts using the sewer system. I watched as he picked up a box and walked into an apartment building with one large box. I waited and waited and then when he had disappeared from sight with the second box I thought I would help him. I walked over trekking lightly. I picked up the box and carried it towards the apartment complex. As I approached his room he had been hidden in, I allowed my perception to get the better and turned to the sound of a footstep falling to the floor from a prick in my head.



I have never been so alone and hungry. I miss having a get together with friends every now and again. I sometimes feel as if I am the only one left in the world and the hungry have taken over to eat all thats left. I quickly sling my backpack over my shoulder and scout the office for something to eat. "Damn nothing...sure hope I run into someone, especially Tai I sure miss that guy," I let a tear drop from my eye. I look out over the streets hoping the window pane doesn't break leaving me to fall to my death. I feel the ground shake but its much to soft to be a tremor. I regain my balance and look up noticing smoke float up into the air. I can feel my eyes widen and think to myself survivors may be near. I quickly run down the stair well hoping to arrive in time to find one person at least. But of course a whole horde of dead stand in my way and all I have is a shotgun with only three shells. Trying to reserve bullets I turn and make a quick detour which takes a turn for the worst as I end up a little lost and a far way off target from the smoke. I feel my leg getting pulled back and turn to one of these stupid things grappling onto  my leg. I shake my leg and then fire a shot into the dead man watching as his face drops into the floor. I continue running tiring from this escape just like many without the proper food supply I cannot keep myself in shape.

After a seven minute period of running I finally escape the dead and continue on my way towards the smoke. The only thing I find though is more dead people and a fiery wreckage of a car. The dead struggle to walk and its actually kind of sad. I walk away knowing the dead will never catch me at the rate they move. I scratch my head and almost scream from the boredom and growling of my stomach.

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