Kidnapped With Friends

What Happens When Three Girls
•& Sarah
Are Kidnapped when walking home? Will they ever go home? Find Out! READ!


1. Walking Home.

(Clarissa's POV)

I couldn't wait! Later me,Kiersten,and Sarah are going to the movies! But...we are walking to my house before we go.

"Im so happy we finally have freedom!" Sarah said happily

"I know!!!" I said

"When I get there I hope we see Josh!" Kiersten explained.

She has had a crush on Josh since 3rd grade. WHY DOESN'T ASK HIM OUT ALREADY!!? I dont know but if she doesn't do it soon imma do it for her!

We were a block away from my house when a car started following us...i whispered to the girls.

"That car behind us is following us...i think.. stop and turn around on three" i said quietly

"One..." Kiersten whispered

"Two.." Sarah whispered

"THREE!!" I yelled

We turned around and stopped..we did not expect what would happen next..

(Sarah's POV)

Man ran out of the car and grabbed us.

"HELP!" Clarissa screamed

She was going to do it again when a man punched her..she was knocked out.

Me and Kiersten looked at each other in shock.

One of the man threw us in the trunk.

Clarissa was breathing but she was not going to wake up any time soon.

The man closed the trunk and the car started. There was a light in the trunk so we could see.

"Oh my god kiersten.." I cried

"We were just...just..." She broke out in tears.

"Kidnapped.." I whispered.

(Kiersten's POV)


"Wake up kiersten...WAKE UP" I yelled

"Kiersten calm down..they might hurt us.." Sarah whispered.

She is right...calm...calm...

The car stopped and I heard a door slam..a man opened the trunk.

"If you girls scream...I will hurt you.." He said sternly

He picked Clarissa up and walked into another room.

Me and Sarah got out the trunk and hugged.

"Im so scared.." I whispered.

"Me too" she whispered back

I didnt notice the other man around us..until he picked us up and took me and Sarah to the same room Clarissa was dragged to...

We walked into the room and Clarissa was in her bra and panties. She was up..eyes wide with fear.. She was in a corner...crying.

That moment. The man yelled.


We did what we where told. And we both ran to Clarissa.

They left and locked the door.

"Are you alright?" I ask

"What is h...h...happening" Clarissa Cries.


Did you like the first chapter?? Well tell me what you want to happen! Comment! I only continue for likes! About 5 Likes and I will continue.

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