Kidnapped With Friends

What Happens When Three Girls
•& Sarah
Are Kidnapped when walking home? Will they ever go home? Find Out! READ!


3. The TV


News Reporter: "Sadly..three girls where seen being kidnapped this afternoon. Someone was recording a family member when they saw multiple man picking up three girls. One being punched uncoinsense for screaming. The person with the camera watched in horror as the three girls were put in the trunk of the car and taken away. Here is the video".

It showed the video of the girls being taken.

News Reporter: "If you see that car. Or the girls contact the police. The girls names are Clarissa Morales,Sarah Wong,and Kiersten Gomez. Here are there pictures."

Clarissa's picture, Kiersten's Picture, and Sarah's Picture is shown. (Look at the cover and in order is the girls)

News Reporter: "the parents want to say a few words. "

Clarissa's Mom: "Please come home" she cries into her hands.

Sarah's Mom: "Please if you are watching the news right now hunny. I love you. Fight back with all you got." She starts to cry

Kiersten's Mom: "Please dont hurt my baby. Bring her and her friends back. They are like my children dont hurt them. Bring them back please." She cried.

News Reporter: "Police Searches are going on. They say they will not stop until they are found."

(Sarah Turns TV off)

(Clarissa's POV)

"I have an Idea...i might work.." I shudder

Kiersten and Sarah stare at me..waiting.

"But we have to wait." I say

I will hope to succeed in my plan by the end of the week...if we are alive.

A/N want more!? You have to wait a little while longer! Sorry love you!

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