Loving the games

I am kat Everdean, my mom is katness Everdean and my dad is gale. I live in district 13. My mom is the mocking jay, I am the blue jay.


1. Kat everdean

Hi my name is Kat Everdean. Yes I am the daughter of katness everdean. But no, my father is not peeta malark, my father is gale. Ya I know it sounds crazy but its true. My mom doesn't remember "it" happening because of the 75th hunger games. Remember when she almost died? Yep thats what the cose is. So my mom thinks I just came, like POOF she was pregnant. So she has NO idea my dad is gale, only me and my dad know. How do I know? When I was 8 he told me the hole story. (Well not the yuck part) peeta is still in the capitol well thats what everyone says. But, for me that sucks because everyone thinks peeta is my dad so people come to me and give me hugs and give me flower and I HATE it! Peeta saying that my mom was pregnant made everyone think that I was the baby, I was, but wasn't. Oh ya and I am 12 years old, I have no brothers or sisters. I have medium brown hair with blond high lights. My mom and dad say im very pretty, ya right! Prim is my antie. its great that she is because she is kind of close to my age. I only call gale my dad when my moms not around to hear it. I dont have tons of friends, but I dont tell my mom or my dad, so shhh dont tell them. I alwaays have strange dreams, of me, in the hunger games, it scares me. Thats why Im glad to love in district 13. This is my story

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