Conner has quit school, she lives by herself. But she likes it that way she is carefree she sings in the rain, makes a fool of herself in public but that's who she is. What happens when the 1D boys see her playing in the pouring rain and thunderstorm? Will she fall in love or push them away like she does with other guys? Read, "Carefree" to find out!


12. *Must Read* Authors Note

Hey you guys! Ive been trying to update but it's just been deleting my drafts. So sorry about that. And I published chapter 11 but then messed up on it and them all this crap happened and I couldn't add on too it so I'll add it in now on this chapter. But first how was your guys thanks giving??? I hope it was good,. Now this is contuineing from chapter 11!!


Chapter 11 (cont)


Louis' POV 

"Haha we were better" Conner says to me. Tisk tisk picked her up like before so she was upside down. Then I turned her around so I was holding her and she was facing me. But she was leaning into the pool. "Lou you wouldn't dare" "Oh yes I would" I said back to her. The tips of her hair was in the pool. "No please Lou my foot" I forgot about her foot. But she takes showers and the burn isn't there anymore it's just her bone. And if any thing happens I'll be there. So I dropped her in the pool and jumped in to. She struggled a little but because if the weight if the boot and she only had one leg that can help her. So I grabbed her by the waist and "Whispered don't worry babe I'm here." Then kissed her cheek. "Noe lets get out before you catcha cold. " She nodded and we got of and dried off. Then I carried her to her room. And we fell asleep together. 

End if chapter 11!! End of chapter 11!! End if chapter 11!! End of chapter 11!! End of chapter11!!


Okay I think I made my self clear. So how did you like the complete chapter 11? Good bad? Give me your thoughts. Now I see that I have like 85 readers or something!  I was so pumped . But then there wasn't much comments but that's okay. So if you have a comment please add it thanks so much now like or favorite tell your friends or what ever. Bye boos! Love you 

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