Conner has quit school, she lives by herself. But she likes it that way she is carefree she sings in the rain, makes a fool of herself in public but that's who she is. What happens when the 1D boys see her playing in the pouring rain and thunderstorm? Will she fall in love or push them away like she does with other guys? Read, "Carefree" to find out!


11. Fun day

Conners POV 


I woke up and tried to promise to myself that I wouldn't cry over Max today, but I know I will. I rolled off my bed and landed with a thump."Ugghhhh" I said sighing to myself remembering that  the boys had an interview or something like that. I stripped off my clothes and hopped in to the shower. I washed my body and my hair, I hate when my hair gets greasy and knotty so I wash my hair maybe a little too often. Then I walked into my closet and just zoned out and was like wow I have this huge closet and only 3 skirts and 1 dress. And the skirts aren't even that nice.  But after all that thinking I picked out some blue basketball shorts that go past my knees. Then a soccer shirt, and a Adidas hoodie sweatshirt. So girly right! Then to make it just even more girly (note sarcasim) I put on 1 Nike high top. I still had to wear that stupid walking boot fit like 2 more fucking months. After all that crap I brushed my teeth, washed my face, brushed through my dark black hair and out it in a messy bun. I wobbled upstairs to the music room to grab my guitar. Then I used my elevator to get to the pool deck. I grabbed my sun glasses from the pool room and sat in a chair. It wasn't that hot but was t cold. It was a sunny day probably about 50 degrees. I strummed my guitar and started to hum, trying to think of a song to sing. "Aaahhhggggaahhahah" I screamed. And I swore I heard laughing but ignored it. I figured out what to sing. I sung Lego house by Ed Sheeran. After I finished I heard some clapping. "Who dat" I said while turning around. I saw the boys standing there. "Aaahhhggggaahhahah"  Lou screamed mocking me. All the bits plus Lou started to laugh. I stuck out my tongue and grabbed an ice cube from my water and through it at Lou. "Hey!" I laughed too my self. "You better run" Liam and Harry said at the same time. I put my guitar down and stood up. Trying to run but failing epically. He snatched me up and he took an ice cube from the cup and shoved it down my shirt. "Ahh you bum face" He laughed at me. "Lou out her down we need to order a pizza. "Haaaajjjj" I screamed. Zayn gave me the weirdest look like im an alien. "What is with you and those weird long words?" Zayn asked me. "I don't know" I said simply smiling at him. We all went into the kitchen. "Harry can you grab my phone it's behind you" I asked. He nodded and grabbed my iPhone 5s. He turned it on and he probably saw the picture. It was a long story. "What is this!!!!" Harry asked so confused. Everybody cracked not a single person could breathe. "Its…It's a long story." I said laughing. "Tell us" Niall screamed at me. "Well I saw this YouTube video of some dude singing a song that said 'Chocolate Rain' and I got that idea wear I would toss up chocolate covered raisens and say chocolate rain" everybody laughed even harder. After we settled down I ordered 6 pizzas. "Why the hell do we need six pizzas" Zayn asked me. "We will have a compition. So each person will get one pizza, and pick a partner. I call Niall" I said. "Yesss" Niall whispered. But the other boys siger because they wanted Niall I'd me I don't know and don't really care . "The first set of partners that eat every slice of the two pizzas win. The rest of the people who lost haver too jump into the pool fully clothed ." Alm the guys nodded exept Liam. "Can the other partner eat the other pizza too if their partner is full" I nodded. While waking to the door because the door bell rang. "Hi" I said the delivery man. Smiled in return as I gave him the money plus a ten dollar tip. I layed out all the pizzas at the table. "y'all have partners hardy har har" they chuckled nodding their heads. Lou was with Harry and Zayn was with Liam. "Ready Set Go!!" I screamed . I gobbled the first slice in like 10 seconds then the next and next and so fourth. As I finished I looked over to my right to see Niall just finishing his last slice. "Haa" I screamed and high dived Niall. "We won" Niall screamed this time. Ugg the other teams signed . Louis and Harry was the closest but Zayn and Liam weren't much far behind. "You guys have to jump into the pool!" they waked over to the pool only taking off there shoes. "Haha we were better." I said simply to Louis. He picked me up like before. 

Louis' POV 

"Haha we were better" Conner says to me. Tisk tisk

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