Conner has quit school, she lives by herself. But she likes it that way she is carefree she sings in the rain, makes a fool of herself in public but that's who she is. What happens when the 1D boys see her playing in the pouring rain and thunderstorm? Will she fall in love or push them away like she does with other guys? Read, "Carefree" to find out!


14. Another *Must Read* Authors note

Hi it's Dill Pickle I fucked up again with the story so I'm contuineing chapter 13 on here. Okay bye


Chapter 13 (cont) 


Louis' POV 


"Because girl stuff is too tight. And you're not free or comfortable" she responded. "Wrll how bout this. We can go bowling with the guys and then go out to dinner but just you and I. And somewhere we don't have to dress up all fansy." "Thats a good plan. Now let's get some food" I agreed with her and carried Conner down stairs. The guys were already down. Liam was cooking, Niall was already eating chips, and Zayn and Harry were watching tv. "Conner" Harry called out. "Ya" she answered tiredly. "Youre like famous. Half the world knows you." man they probably saw us by the pond yesterday. "You serious?" she asked in disbelief. Every body kinda chuckled I did. She said it kinda funny. "Mmhh you were on the news and people know that you have some softball game today. Is that true" how the fuck do people know about these things. Oh my gosh . "Fucking stalkers" she said under her breath but we heard and cracked up. She was playing in her phone on the couch and she was like, "Damn. I have 2 thousand more followers on twitter. What what!" she was too funny. We all sat down at the table to et breakfast. "Are you really going to play softball when you faint when you walk" zayn asked her. Ha that's what I said richer too.


Conners POV 

I cant believe half if the world knows who I am. And know I have a softball game. As we at down I scrolled through twitter reading some tweets. Some of them were nice like, oh he's so pretty or, I love her clothes, her and Lou are a great couple! But then there was some like eww ages ugly, Louis is too good for her, she looks like a bitch, she looks fat. I just put my phone away to not think about it. Zayn asked like the same thing lou said about the softball game. "Ya it's the championship game I can't let my team down" after breakfast I but some black Adidas sweats, with my boot on and an Ugg. Then I put on my ' stay strong beautiful' sweatshirt. It actually matched because the sweatshirt was white and the writing was black. "I need to run to the store to pick up some things for softball" I screamed. "Yiu should t go out alone you will get mobbed" warned Niall. "na, don't worry, I'll be back in like an hour. " I said and left to the store. I hopped into my car and went to sports authority. When I got out if the car I guess Niall was kinda wright. Well the people just in the parking lot screamed and ran upto me. "Conner!" "Oh my gosh it's Conner" "you're so pretty" "can I get you're autograph" I just took a deep breth and signed a few papers and took some pictures. One girl stole my beanie but have if back. "Bye" I said and went into the store after like 20 minutes. When I walked in I tried not to get noticed. I just picked out some kleets, socks, and gum. While I was getting in line a girl about 5 was like, "A-are you Conner lee" I kneeled down so I was somewhat her size. "Ya babe, would you like anything?" I said as I moved some hair out of the way. "Can I get a hug " she was too cute! "Of course!" I gave the little girl a nice long hug there was a camera video taping it.  "By babe" I said waving to her and checking out. When I left there was paparazzi taking pictures. I didn't really do anything but I got a few death glares from teenage girls. I just rolled my eyes ad laughed. Some girls can be bitches.  *Skipping to softball game* 

We were in the field first, and I was pitcher. My foot was wrapped and my boot was on. At least I was a righty so I did t out all my weight on it. I wobbled out in the field. I heard cheering and saw the boys, and a hand full if fans with 'go Conner' signs. And paparazzi was there. Man I'm not that interesting I'm just like any other 20 year old. The batter stepped up to the plate.first pitch strike. 2 pitch strike. My foot was kinda hurting but I pushed through. At least I pitched a change up and it didn't hurt. But then it was a hard line drive. I didn't even flinch, just put my MIT infront if my face quite quick and caught it I strucked out the next two batter and then it was our turn to bat. "Psst, conner" u turned around and saw Lou. " Hey, becareful running. Don't run if it hurts, remember our promise" I nodded my head and got my helmet, gloves, and bat. "Kell can someone sub after I get on base" she nodded her head and I stepped up to the plate ready to hit the ball. The pitcher through a wild one, ball, ball, and ball. I had 0 strikes and 3 balls. She wonder up and the ball had home run written all over it. I loaded and released, and the ball went so far out into the field I ran to first, then second, third, my four hurt like hell. I slowed down and limped to home plate. Everybody was cheering but I had tears in my eyes. Not joy but pain. Pitching and running on my foot kills it. I took off my helmet. I went over to Lou. "I- cant-" next thing I know I blacked out. And I did not go in out, just totally blacked lut

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