My Last Good Days

Hazel struggles to continue life without out her lover, Augustus Waters. The only person she wants to talk about his death with is with Augustus himself. As Hazel lives her life still fighting lung cancer, she grieves in her own way, heading towards her final and last good days.


3. The Deepest End Of The Earth

I woke in a familiar place, but not my own house. I glanced over to the door and knew exactly where I was. The Hospital. My lungs were hurting, like usual, but this was a new type of pain. Not a burning pain, and not an aching or sore pain. A pain that felt deep, that felt like it went from one side of my body to the other. So, I looked down at my chest to see a scar from the spot where my heart is to bottom of my ribcage. And for once, I had no idea how it got there. So I just let it happen. My throat ripped open a scream, a scream of desperation. I couldn't breathe even with the oxygen tank and this deep cut was killing me. And in the time that the doctors rushed in to help me, I could finally relate to Augustus in the letter I found in his room. I was searching, begging to find that willpower to fight this disease, to fight what is me. 

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