My Last Good Days

Hazel struggles to continue life without out her lover, Augustus Waters. The only person she wants to talk about his death with is with Augustus himself. As Hazel lives her life still fighting lung cancer, she grieves in her own way, heading towards her final and last good days.


4. okay.

Augustus and I had a special relationship. We wanted it to last forever, but knew that with what is inside if us, it wouldn't happen. So we said okay. Okay. Okay to us meant that even though we won't last forever, our love will. Okay Augustus. Those were the last words I had ever said to him. I knew he wouldn't last long and wanted to remind him that even though we seem okay, we're not. But, we know we will be. And I am now. I am okay. And I will continue to keep our love lasting forever, even with only half alive, only half still fighting the battle, because for so long, it was just him. Just him struggling, and now it's just me fighting.

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