Winter Wonderland

Picture the perfect Christmas; white falling snow and a huge tree decorated perfectly.
Nope. This time, seventeen year old Amanda Peterson and her family are spending two weeks in beautiful Hawaii for Christmas break.
And... Amanda meets someone special...


1. main characters~

Amanda Peterson~ tall and skinny. breathtaking beauty inside and out. blonde hair green eyes. seventeen. has a drivers license and owns a blue Prius (see the TV show Psych and it's Gus's car). loves the color white. lives in the state of Washington. has severe OCD. single.

Joshua Jones~ tall, lean, beautiful. ;) nice and sweet, total charmer. black curly hair, brown eyes (see Joshua Scott Jones from the country band Steel Magnolia). loves taking walks and playing guitar. lives in Hawaii the big island. single.

Peterson Parents'~ both are at the same height. the dad (Alex) is very protective of his daughter. his only daughter. the mom (Mary) is always debating getting a divorce (but she's unsure why and always backing out). they both have brown hair. the dads matches the country singer Toby Keith's, and the moms matches Hillary Scott's.

Jones Parents'~ both have blonde hair. the dads is cut to match Hunter Hayes/Niall Horan, the moms is like Taylor Swift (sixteen year old Taylor). both are very proud of their only son and are content at their little island in Hawaii.

(I'll change this if anyone else is introduced and I feel they should be in here.)

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