Winter Wonderland

Picture the perfect Christmas; white falling snow and a huge tree decorated perfectly.
Nope. This time, seventeen year old Amanda Peterson and her family are spending two weeks in beautiful Hawaii for Christmas break.
And... Amanda meets someone special...


7. Joshua's Point Of View

"So... How long are you here?" I asked.

"For the most of the break. So um, let's see, I got out yesterday, came here today, leave two days before school starts again... About ten days." Amanda said. She concentrated on the sky and slow moving clouds.

I smiled at her, she seemed so perfect. Beautiful, perfect, smart... I couldn't help but chuckle.

She looked down at me and tilted her head to the side, she flashed me a bright white smile and stood up.

"Whoa, what are you-?"

Amanda smiled and dove in the pool, sending water attacking me. I laughed as she resurfaced sputtering for air.

"You keep that up and you'll be waterlogged for the two weeks you're here!" Steve said.

Amanda scrunched her nose as she tried to tread water. She looked over to me for help and I shrugged in reply. I could always rely on Steve to say something stupid...

"Joshua! Steven! Where are you?"

"Dude, I think that's your mom," Steve said.

"You're right, it is." I said. I pulled myself out of the pool and shook the water from my hair.

"Wait, don't I get a goodbye?" Amanda asked. She swam over to the side and rested her arms on the tile. She smiled up at me and I smiled back down.

I crouched down and smiled at her. I asked, "Oh, did we forget about you?"

She giggled and I said a quick goodbye. Steve waited impatiently by the gate and we hopped it back into my backyard.

I cursed myself for not kissing her. That was probably the one chance, the most perfect chance just handed to me, and I stupidly turned away.

Great. Just great.

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