Winter Wonderland

Picture the perfect Christmas; white falling snow and a huge tree decorated perfectly.
Nope. This time, seventeen year old Amanda Peterson and her family are spending two weeks in beautiful Hawaii for Christmas break.
And... Amanda meets someone special...


6. Amanda's Point Of View.

"So, you guys live here?" I asked smiling. I leaned back on the pool chair Steve and Joshua helped me find earlier. I sipped on the lemonade I made earlier.

"Yep." Joshua said smiling.

"And you live...?" Steve left the statement to hang in the air.

"Washington. State." I said. I kicked myself away from the side of the pool and ended up in the middle of Steve and Joshua. They both shared all knowing smiles and started to push me back me back and forth between them. I giggled and playfully shouted for them to stop.

I fell backwards and into the water. I came back up laughing and wiping the water from my eyes.

"Okay, you two suck!!!" I shouted laughing. I swam over the side and pulled myself out. I sat on the warm tile and started to wring the water out of my hair.

Joshua swam over and put his arms on the side; he smiled up at me and I blushed as I started to put my hair into a braid.

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