Deisy Everdeen

No one really does pay attention to me,the only important people are Prim and Katniss And Gale and Peeta.
Peeta. . . .the baker boy who i've had the biggest crush on.
But im not allowed to date him,or be his girlfriend,because of Katniss.
She would never approve.
Plus,they either act or really do like each other.
Although i am one year below katniss,im old enough to have a boyfriend.
And now that it's another Quarter Quell,i will volunteer,no one will stop me,not even Katniss,Prim misses her too much,she must stay.
And i?
oh yeah. . .i must go,play,i want to be next to peeta,at all times,no matter what.
I want him.


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Deisy's POV



"The existing pool of victors,must fight again,in the 75th annual quarter quell" President snow spoke through the screen,his white hair and blood shot lips.A reminder of fear and hatred.


I looked over at katniss,she was startled,as if someone had stabbed her,infact,she probably felt that way right now.Mother gasped and cried out,Prim followed along.


I just looked at them,with gleaming eyes.


Katniss had to play again,she had to fight for survival,and so did peeta.




"katniss" i breathed.


Katniss didn't even look back,she was in a deep shock,paralyzed with tears that fell down her cheeks like a waterfall.Instead,she rushed out the door,somewhere,the woods maybe.


"mom" i cried out,what the hell? I had to go see peeta,considering the fact that he lived just across our house,i had to go.


My heels stomped up,i rushed for my leather jacket,and rushed out the door just as katniss did.


He was probably as devastated as katniss.


My boots walked through the snow and sticks,small little pieces of dirt sticking to my heels.


As soon as i reached his door,i knocked,loudly,hard,hard enough that the pound vibrated through the whole house.


Finally he opened the door,revealing a crying peeta,he was crying,just like katniss was,his blue light eyes had turned to dark blue shades of deep ocean color,his cheeks drenched in tears.


"peeta" he looked hurt,shocked,scared.


"peeta" i spoke again,this time grabbing his hand in mine.The warmth of his palms,soft like baby skin.


He didn't deny my touch,something i appreciated,but i knew it wasn't because he liked me. . .he just needed someone there with him.


"Deisy" he made a weird crying combined with coughing sound. 


"what" i whispered. . .trying to stand closer.


I was surprised when he reached my head and pulled his lips to my ear.


"you need to leave. . .go to katniss. . .and stay there,not here" he let go and i stepped back as the door shut.


Hell no. . .i was getting what i wanted.


so yes. . .i was gonna volunteer big time,just for him






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