Forever And a Day..

I'm searching for so long now, I don't even know how to get to the exit and my phone battery is dead ughhh just what I needed now I can't call anyone to pick me up. I just want to burst into tears right now, I'm tired cold and hungry, I just want to go home..

what happens when you "accidentally'' get locked up in school with...."him", The biggest jerk you've ever met..


1. introducing.. me

Jasmine's  *POV*

uhmm... my name is uhhhmm.. Jasmine i hope so, im so nervous im standing in front of the class right now, I'm new and I'm introducing myself i didn't even want to come to this stupid school ugh..  hopefully they don't see how nervous I am. I'm 17 and im new here obviously. I like to sing dance and i play the guitar. why did i say that they don't care. luckily i was saved by the bell hihihi this creep was just staring at me. he is kind of cute. what am i thinking he is not cute all of those kids are ass holes.


Justin's *POV*


the new girl was really hot she has long dark brown hair and blue eyes she was perfect.  i just cant take my eyes off her, she doesn't look fake like all off the girl in this school.

Justin: hey im justin 

jasmine: hey justin nice meeting you (notice the sarcasm)  i answered annoyed hoping he would leave me alone..

Justin: we take the same class how stupid can i be she saw me  obviously ugh.. and why is she acting annoyed, Im the hottest guy ever thats what all the girls tell me

jasmine : really? (notice the sarcasm)  cant this boy just shut up and stop talking to me so i can go to my locker what do you want from me i need to go to my locker and you're wasting my time

justin  :i want you..  when i said that i winked at her.

jasmine : like i sad you're wasting my time annoying asshole  -_-

justin : if you give me you're phone number ill leave you alone.  for now, she probably wont give it to me but i can try right?

jasmine : okey 

justin ; okey? uhm.. i mean okey is she really going to give her number to me.

jasmin : 222-666-111 now you have to leave me alone he is so stupid he didn't really think I'm gonna give him my real number did he? 



A few hours later


Justin's  *POV*


i dialed Jasmine's number but some guy picked up so this was  the conversation..

guy: hallo who is this

justin : are you jasmines boyfriend? why didn't she tell me she had a boyfriend, not that i wouldnt try to hit on her but still..

guy : eww.. NO I'm her dad  and who are you

justin : ow uhhm never mind what else did i have to say, hey i think your daughter is the hottest thing I have ever seen and i just want to do bad things to her, nope not gonna work

then he hung up that was akward! 





hi people this is my first movella story, well actually its my first story in general  i hope you like it if you have any tips or you just want to tell me what you think just leave a comment.  and if i make any misspellings its because i have learned English through movies and twitter and that kind of stuff and like i said i hope you like it have fun with reading bye!








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