Forever And a Day..

I'm searching for so long now, I don't even know how to get to the exit and my phone battery is dead ughhh just what I needed now I can't call anyone to pick me up. I just want to burst into tears right now, I'm tired cold and hungry, I just want to go home..

what happens when you "accidentally'' get locked up in school with...."him", The biggest jerk you've ever met..


2. got yaa!!!

Jasmine's *POV*

next day


I was sitting in the school bus yup I'm 17 and i don't have a car,  blame my mum she didn't like the combination jasmine and car. I used to live in Canada but we recently moved to america because my dad got a new job here, we live in California. in a big beautiful house, I used to have a boyfriend back in Canada but then he cheated on me. let me explain how i found out, well we where planning to go on a date, but he probably forgot that we should meet by his place, so i walked in on him while he was having sex with my EX-BFF.  you probably understand why she is my EX-BFF NOW that bitch wasn't even sorry. i used to be really confident but after.. what happened i changed. i don't trust anybody not even my mom yeah that's how bad it is.


when i got to school i saw this WHITE LAMBORGHINI WAUW, I'm a girl but I LOVE cars one of my biggest dream is to drive in a red Ferrari i just kept staringat the car like an idiot. But then ugh... Justin came out of the car how can he afford a car like that anyway, i decided to tease him HEEEY!! JUSTIN!! allot of guys turned there head at that moment i found out that allot of boys in this school are named Justin hihi. anyway back to the conversation..  HOW WAS THE CONVERSATION WITH MY DADIE YESTERDAY?!?!? then i winked at him and walked away, Everyone started laughing there buts of, he begun to blush and looked like he just ate some hot pepper my biggest concern at this moment is that his head will explode.

I kind of felt guilty but it felt good to embers the popular est guy in school. i can get used to this..


Justin s *POV*


HOW WAS THE CONVERSATION WITH MY DADIE YESTERDAY?!?!? then she winked at me and walked away that made her even hotter. It felt as if every drop of blood in my body went to my cheeks i was so embarrassed i knew that i was blushing. And everyone started laughing but when I gave them the death stare they all went quiet. I'm going to get her back you'll see..



 I know it sucks but it will get better i promise ;)

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