12 Days of Imagines

Seeing as though there is a song called '12 Days of Christmas' I decided to make a selection of imagines for any fandom... for 12 days. Choose whichever fandom you want... even The Wanted... and I will create an Imagine for you :) I'm only making 12 :)


4. 3rd December!

For: Habiba

Fandom: One Direction

With: Louis Tomlinson

Topic: New Years Eve

11pm. One hour until the new year begins and you and Louis were having an amazing time at the new years eve party your sister was having. You had both planned to kiss under the stars when the clock goes twelve. You'd both had a couple drinks and had a laugh with your friends and family.

"I'm gonna kiss you like I mean it." Louis said, in his drunk voice.

"Me too." you replied, helping him to stay stood up.

The clock turned 11:30pm and you were sat at a table talking to your sister about your new year resolutions.

"I'm gonna stop eating chocolate for a whole month... see how far I get." you told her.

She laughed and replied. "I'm gonna... go to the gym three times a week."

You both laughed and sipped more wine as you chatted some more. You suddenly noticed that the clock was nearly on 12pm so you went to find Louis. He was standing at the balcony looking out at all the buildings below.

"So beautiful." he said as you stood next to you.

"It is isn't it." you replied.

He looked over at you. "I meant you, you plonker." he laughed.

"Oh." you said.

Everyone began counting down and you and Louis stared into each others eyes as the bell rang 12. He grabbed your hands and pulled you towards him, kissing you passionately under the stars... just like he wanted.



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