12 Days of Imagines

Seeing as though there is a song called '12 Days of Christmas' I decided to make a selection of imagines for any fandom... for 12 days. Choose whichever fandom you want... even The Wanted... and I will create an Imagine for you :) I'm only making 12 :)


13. 12th December!

For: Sameerah_Styles

Fandom: One Direction

With: Harry Styles

Topic: Birthday

It was your 18th birthday today and you were spending it with your boyfriend Harry, your mum, dad and sister, Laura.

It was 8am and you were woken up by Laura, with a bunch of flowers in her hand.

"Come on... downstairs." she told you.

"I'm tired." you moaned.

"I don't care! Get downstairs now." she demanded.

You put on your dressing gown and followed her downstairs. She tied a blindfold around your eyes and led you into the living room where everyone started singing Happy Birthday to you. You took the blindfold off and smiled at everyone. Harry hugged you and you sat next to your mum and dad on the couch.

Your mum handed you your gift from her and your dad and when you opened it, it was a pair of fluffy socks and a pair of ear muffs. 

"Just in case it snows." she said, smiling.

"Thanks mum!" you replied.

You opened your present from Laura and it was a bra and knickers. They were black with white poker dots on them.

"Laura!" you shouted.

"It's for when you wanna... you know, spice things up a little." she winked.

You looked over at Harry and he shook his head.

"You're gonna get my gift later on tonight. For now, why don't we just celebrate your birthday." he told you.

You spent the rest of the day begging him to tell you what it was. You even called his parents to find out... but they wouldn't tell you. Your family and Harry took you out for a meal and then spent the rest of the night preparing you for what Harry had in store for you.

He drove you to his house and walked you inside. You closed your eyes tight and he led you into his house.

"What is it?" you asked, impatiently.

"Hang on... right, open your eyes." he told you.

You opened them and saw candles lighting the room. There was a blanket on the floor with a picnic basket on it. He had prepared a picnic for you both and he had lit the room with candles.

"But that's not all." he said, walking over to the basket.

He pulled out an envelope with a birthday card. You opened the birthday card and it began singing Happy Birthday. You laughed and opened the envelope. There was two tickets to Paris for Christmas Eve and some spending money.

"Oh My Gosh! What about Christmas Day?" you asked.

"We'll be back in time, don't worry." he replied.

Tears filled up in your eyes and you couldn't believe you and Harry were going to Paris. You hugged him tight and he kissed your lips softly.

"Thank you so much Haz!" you thanked him.

"Anything for my baby!" he replied.

You hugged him again and sat down to enjoy a beautifully delicious picnic with your boyfriend.


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