Nialls same mistakes

He doesn't know why but niall can't stop crawling back to
Alex until he meets one special girl named Madison who turns
His whole world around.


1. Alex can't know

   *Nialls pov*

 Today Alex kept asking me if we should stay together or breakup so I said we should stay together she wasn't sure so she went home to think about it. I went to nandoes today and order my usual and then I went the park to relax when Alex texted me and said she wanted to stay together. I was walking home when I ran into a girl. Sorry I didn't see you there she said. I helped her pick up her stuff and she said her name was Madison. I told her that her name was beautiful. She gave me her number and when I got home I texted her and it totally slipped my mined that I was dating Alex and asked her out. She said yes and then Alex texted me she said she was coming over. Shit I forgot that she said she wanted to stay together. I told her that she could come over. 

  *Alex's pov* 

I told Niall we should stay together and I feel bad for wanting to end our relationship so I'm going to bring him nandoes. When I got to Nialls house he said he already ate. But I saw that he was texting someone. I tried to see who he was texting but he pushed me away I asked who it was and he said Zayn but I could tell it wasn't Zayn,Harry,Liam,or Louis. I was worried is he cheating on me with some one else?

 *Nialls pov* 

Alex almost figured out I'm dating Madison I hope she drops it and belives me that it was Zayn texting me but I can tell she's suspicious. 

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