Nialls same mistakes

He doesn't know why but niall can't stop crawling back to
Alex until he meets one special girl named Madison who turns
His whole world around.


4. 9 months in

 *Madisons pov*

 Niall are you awake? Why? My water broke. We need to go to the hospital the baby's are coming. Niall started freaking out saying shit I didn't tell my mum or Greg your pregnant I have to call them. Ok but call them in the car. Fine lets go grab the camera. Niall kept rushing me he was so nervous about telling his mum and Greg. 

 *Niall's pov*

 Danm it what am I going to tell mum and Greg. There going to freak. (Dials Greg's number) hey Greg do you remember that girl Madison that I told you tricked me?-N yeah why?Its 3:00 in the morning what's up?-G we'll she pregnant and her water broke she's going to give birth soon hurry to the hospital down town hurry.-N Oh my fucking god I'm on my way you better tell mum-G I will-N(hangs up phone)(dials his mums number) Hello-NM um mom um do you remember my girlfriend Madison?-N yeah why?-NM Well um she's kinda pregnant and I'm about to um give birth to my two um daughters.-N WHAT-NM Just hurry to the downtown hospital please hurry.-N Ok I'm on my way I'm very disappointed in you Niall but I still love you I'll see you soon.-NM I'm sorry I love you yo mum bye-N

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