The Possiblity of No Tomorrow

While everyone was engrossed into the third Quarter Quell no one noticed how things were getting worse and worse on District 12. Katniss is gone and may never come back to me. Mother is worried sick, as the peacekeepers are hurting even more people to try to keep order. A spark can take everything down, no matter what it is. My name is Primrose Everdeen and this is my story.


1. Chapter 1


 Quickly I lay the last bit of snow in stock onto the young boy's back. At only seven years old they whipped him for trying to stop the murdering of his mother. Not the first time this has happened though.

 He lets out a little groan, trying to move. Mother should be here; she had to go out to the market to get more supplies but I've never done this on my own. At twelve I've had to send my sister off to her possible death twice, face my dad's death, my mom's muteness, and have to help those near death.

 When the long process it over I offer the boy a few coins, and a little food. He is now orphaned and there is nothing I can do to help it. It's not right here. People get hurt over nothing yet all we can do is sit around.

 Mother has been gone for over a hour; I should go find her. I walk around District 12 wondering were the life went. It's always been sad but you felt content- or something like that. Like even though we were basically slaves we got to live left alone. Now that is broken.

 I walk past Peeta, my sister Katniss's 'fiancé', family's bakery. The smell of freshly baked bread fills my nose. Then the pain of hunger hits me. I starved for years, nearly left this world so many times from being hungry but now my family has enough money to feed the District- if it were legal.

 The dirt streets are covered in black dust- coal dust. The miners are working double the hours than they used receiving half of the usual pay, and more dangerous conditions. Gale, my sister's best friend is clocked in right now, taking the churning trip deep into the ground.

 The sound of a gun goes off. Thread, the new head peacekeeper believes that there are rumors of an Uprising here, even though no one is crazy or brave enough to do so. But there is something in the air. You can tell something is changing. And it's going to happen really soon. There is always the chance of not living to see another day, but I've grown to accept it.

 Death seems like an everyday thing here. You can see in everyone's eyes they can sense everything I do. To my right in the dark alley I see Chase, a boy of fifteen who used to go to my school until he had to start working in the mines, fighting a peacekeeper. The three more officers take him away and the one fighting him tries covering Chase's painting on the alley wall.

 "Get out here girl." The peacekeeper growls at me thinking I didn't see it. I obey his orders but all I can think about it what I saw.

 A painting of my sister's Mockingjay pin with 'Down with the Capitol' under it.


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