Mockingjay ; The rebellion is on fire

December Lark Camellia Snow prefers to be called Lark, is the daughter of President Snow.
What does she does when she finds out who her dad really is. Will she approve? Does she still wanna see him? Is she going to join the rebellion with Katniss?
Find it out all out in this story!

(Entry for the Cathcing Fire writing competion)
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Love, AM1902


1. Intro

The sun shines through my window. My mom, Juniper stands outside my door. Her skin is natural . Her hair has a  brownish color. On her eyelashes little diamonds are shining.

'Lark, wake up. Today is the reaping, wich means we're getting the Games soon.' She says overenthousiastic. I don't know why she likes the Games, I mean ; it's horrible. Watching people die and acctually liking it , is just revolting. I look at my mom who is cheering.

'Are you not excited?' she asks. 'It's the Games we're talking about  afterall. I'm excited to see who is going to win. This year.' Mom says, last year was Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark who won , they where from '12 and won. Juniper  did'nt like that, she tought it was horrible.

'There letting two people win now , that Everdeen girl and that Breadboy, those two are from '12 , it's a disgrace!' Mom yelled. I envy Katniss Everdeen because she acctually wants to change things. I want to join the rebellion too but  my dad Cornilius would not allow that. Yes, I'm the Presidents daughter : December Lark Camellia Snow or Lark , at least that is what my mom prefers and so do I.

I go to bathroom and brush my black hair after putting on a bordeaux colord dress and matching flats. My hair is curly now. I put some golden eyeshadow on, then I'm going downstairs.

'Goodmorning, December, I love the dress you're wearing, child.' My dad says while sniffing that idiot snow white rose of his. Now I see it's has cherry red splatters all over it. Wait, is it bl..blood?

I scream and run out of the room as fast as I can. My dad is a murderer?

'December, honey, come back here!' Dad shouts.

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