Harry and Ashley in the Hunger Games

Can harry and his best friend Ashley survive the Hunger Games?


6. who it was

I looked up it was Prue I was pissed how the hell did she get here?! Harry noticed it too he was pissed too

H: how are you here?!

P: they wanted the family to be here

A: fuck ! Okay harry take her back to shelter while I kill and hunt okay?

Once I got there no people dead I accidentialy are a poisen Berry so I am dizzy I fainted at the shelter when I woke up it was 5 days later all that was left was harry Prue me and a guy from 1 and a girl from 6 we attacked and we won but I realized that my sister was there and we had to kill someone off harry volunteered I said no Prue killed herself before I or harry could do anything I was screaming and crying and harry screamed and cried we won but jt felt like we lost since I lost my sister I wanted to kill sno..

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