Harry and Ashley in the Hunger Games

Can harry and his best friend Ashley survive the Hunger Games?


1. the reaping

Ashley's Pov

I woke up scared shitless this morning it's the reaping okay I am 18 which means I am in the drawing 2 times it would only be one if the famine wouldn't have happened and we needed new food my sister Prue should only be in there once okay so that's one out of a thousands I think she will be fine when I walked in my mom was crying because this is how we lost my father last year we started getting ready and I was in a blue dress my sister this was her first year having her name drawn in we finally got there Prue got scared when they had to put her tracker in , okay Effie started " welcome to the 74th annual Hunger Games let the odds be in your favor as usual ladies first, the ladies for district twelve is ....

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