Harry and Ashley in the Hunger Games

Can harry and his best friend Ashley survive the Hunger Games?


4. the hunger games


Ashley's Pov

I sprinted towards my back pack and grabbed a bow and arrow bag and 3 sets of matches , wood and food water and they gave me 40 bows they said it would not last with just 3 then I set out to the woods where harry and I promised to meet

Harry's Pov

Okay I grabbed my backpack 20 spheres a box of matches and food and water and I headed where Ashley and I are meeting we are sharing the food water and weapons when i got there she had set up shelter in a cave near there and put bamboo sticks and camoplojed it to look like it wasent even there I didn't see it at first it was pretty cool it had a door and everything when I got there she was crying

H: Ashley what happened are you okay?!

A: I- I-

She pointed to the corner her first kill... No wonder she always hated killing things it was a little girl names Reyna district 2 I hugged her and said it's okay that she will be okay

H: ash it's the hunger games this is gonna happen

A: I know it's just I hate killing thin- what is that??!

We heard a loud siren and it was the first warning saying someone was dead it was Reyna and Gin and Sarah

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