Harry and Ashley in the Hunger Games

Can harry and his best friend Ashley survive the Hunger Games?


5. gathering food

Once Ashley had recovered they put together there food and water And it wasent much so I set out to go get berries I came back with a basket of berries I got back and she wasn't there I heard screaming it was Ashley's I followed the sound once I got there I saw 4 guys from district 5 and 2 and 6 cornering her with spheres right when I was about to attack she punched one in the gut and then shot him and shot the other three with the arrows they dropped to the ground and screamed she dropped to the ground I couldn't see her I thought it was just because it was killing but when I got closer I saw blood and she hat got stabbed in the arm my the guys sphere

Effie sent in medicine and I applied it and put it on the cabinet and went to sleep waiting for her to wake up

When she finally woke we went to gather some bricks and wood the first week is all about gathering well it's almost time to kill just 20 minutes the 20 minutes passed by quickly and when it started we ran to the cave. She wasn't back yet so I went looking for her I found her and she had killed 4 people she was getting tough there was only 24 people since 2 from 12 districts she had already killed 8 people and it had just started, when I turned around I found a guy with a knife when I saw him I had to stab him it turned out close where 3 other guys and a girl I stabbed one of the guys and then kicked the other one than stabbed it but the girl was tough and I knew she had a lot of allies so I know people are gonna be coming when she was about to kill me Ashley got in the way and started fighting her she accidentally dropped her bow so I grabbed it and she said to run to shelter and grab as many weapons as possible she knew they were coming to I ran back

Ashley's Pov

Woah this girl is good harry is running back to get weapons I was getting scared when he didn't come back for a while I was gonna die... Then a teenage girl like 5 years younger than me came and stabbed her in the heart the little girl hid from me harry came back and stood in awe as the little girl was hugging me asking if I was okay when I looked closer I saw who it was ...

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