From Hate to Love…

He started out hating her and now after a year he loves her? How does that work?


2. school

I woke up brushed my teeth and wore a pair of jeggings, Jordan's and a white crop top I walked downstairs to find that every one was gone already. I picked up an apple and walked out of my house and to school, I got there and saw Austin he is so fucking gorgeous he has blue eyes, dirty blonde hair like Justin Bieber, he's 6'0 and has the most beautiful smile. Then came my bestie Ariana she has brown hair, green eyes and is also besties with Austin…! So your all probably wondering why he hates me well it's because me and my friend Jada pranked him by faking to be a really sexy ass girl in Canada (we used kik) he got so pissed that everytime I walked passed him he gave me dirty looks.

Ari: Wassap bitch

Me: Ntm slut -laughs-

Austin: ARIII!!!!


Me: I'm gonna go to class now..

Austin whispered something like "better" but I didn't hear. I made my way to science urgh I hate the teacher "mrs jones" she's pregnant and hormonal

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