Between Crown And Heart - Book 2

Before Galaxy Charmé arrives back at Hogwarts to attend her fifth year, already bad things had happened.
Dementors showed up in her street and tried to kill her and her sister.
She tries to defend themselves and uses spells in front of a muggle, her sister, which gets Galaxy into trouble with the ministry.
In addition, Harry starts behaving strange. He's more angry and annoyed by his friends.
Her crush on Snape is already known by everyone and still yet she can't confess her feelings. Instead she does a very stupid mistake which causes distance between her and Snape.
Additionally, a new professor turns Hogwarts into hell and teaches her that her feelings towards a much older man is inappropriate and is not tolerated by her.
This and the unrolling of her true task, which is not rescuing the world as told by everyone, causes her to join Dumbledore's Army.
Most importantly, she discovers what an evil and disgusting system the Ladyhood is and how close this makes her to Voldemort.


1. Authors Note I

Dear lovely readers,

It's 1st of September. A new Hogwarts term starts today


I am honored and excited to take this writing journey with you into a second round!!

I've started the second book of Between Crown and Heart and have a few chapters which I am pleased to share with you.

There was enough time for me to sought out things and ideas but my motivation level decreased constantly.

I hope to get that motivation back when I start posting chapters again.

But moreover, I need to know your thoughts and feelings and ideas and just anything and everything about you concerning the second part of my FanfFction.

I need comments and votes! I need to know there are people out there who read my story. That makes me to continue. Only for you.

Though, comments and votes only come back to you in the form of new chapters.

The same rules apply like last time:

Every Saturday there will be a new chapter uploaded. Though, you only have to wait 5 days after the first update!!!

Here I want to take the opportunity to be a little political which I usually am not.

But I believe that writing should mean something and an author should stand for something. Writing should make the people aware of ideas, conflicts and complex issues.

The current condition of our world is dreadful. There are as many conflicts right now as there used to be during the Second World War. This is alarming!

Please raise your voice for peace, human rights and against war!

Get involved and be aware of the conflicts in Pakistan, Iraq, Russia-Ukraine, Syria and this part of the world, Israel-Palestine and the epidemic in Africa.

Those of you who pray, keep those poor kids and women and innocent people in your prayers and pray for peace and no war.

Love for all, hatred for none.

Yours, Puma

PS: Don't forget to smile at least three times a day! :) :) :)

Especially in this hard times.

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