Between Crown And Heart - Book 2

Before Galaxy Charmé arrives back at Hogwarts to attend her fifth year, already bad things had happened.
Dementors showed up in her street and tried to kill her and her sister.
She tries to defend themselves and uses spells in front of a muggle, her sister, which gets Galaxy into trouble with the ministry.
In addition, Harry starts behaving strange. He's more angry and annoyed by his friends.
Her crush on Snape is already known by everyone and still yet she can't confess her feelings. Instead she does a very stupid mistake which causes distance between her and Snape.
Additionally, a new professor turns Hogwarts into hell and teaches her that her feelings towards a much older man is inappropriate and is not tolerated by her.
This and the unrolling of her true task, which is not rescuing the world as told by everyone, causes her to join Dumbledore's Army.
Most importantly, she discovers what an evil and disgusting system the Ladyhood is and how close this makes her to Voldemort.


4. 3 - Sirius' House

"Keep to the west! Slow down when you see the lights." Moody barked from behind me.

I could barely hear him. The wind blew past me or rather I was flying past the wind!

I couldn't tell how fast I was flying as we flew past houses and flowering landscapes.

But I was surely very fast because I couldn't feel my hands anymore. It was that cold!

And my eyes watered all the time! I blinked the tears away but I couldn't see clear either!

All this remembered me of an airplane.

When your sitting inside one you can't tell how fast that plane is. But you can guess how fast they are when you watch them from the earth roaring past you.

"Was someone watching us?" I wondered suddenly. I turned my head from left to right and realized that the wind blurred my eyes too much to see anything.

But suddenly I made out little light dots in front of me.

The wizard in front of me slowed down immediately. I did the same.

"Land on the meadow without getting noticed by anyone!" Moody commanded.

I gulped.

Landing... that was the worst part at broom flying. I always fall flat on my face or I greet the ground with a somersault.

We aimed the grass. The man in front of me landed safely on it. Then Remus landed. Now it was my turn. I gulped and took all my courage and landed.

I touched the ground with my feet and pushed them in the grass.

The force from my broom caused me to slide along the grass. But finally I stopped!

Thank god I didn't do any stupid stunts and landed without falling down!

"I said without getting noticed!" Moody walked up from my back.

"Because of you they will know we are here! You landed like a troll!" He added and walked pass me in the direction of the streets with row houses.

I clenched my jaw tightly and shot deathly stares at Moody's back before following him.

"Don't look at me like that!" Moody said and made me remember that his magical eye can see backwards.

I pursed my lips bitterly and kept on following him.

"You did amazing!" Remus said as he walked with me on my left side.

"Don't listen to him! I am landing like this too and there never happened anything!" Tonks added from my right.

I sighed. "Now I really need to improve my landing." I thought.

Suddenly my phone vibrated. I reached in my pocket and answered the call without thinking where we might be.


"Galaxy! Where are you?!" My mom screamed from the other end.

I stopped in my tracks. My mouth jumped open and a wave of guilty feelings made its way to my stomach.

"Ma?" I gulped.

"How-how's So?" I asked quietly.

Remus and Tonks stopped right beside me and looked worried at me.

Although, Tonks looked very interested at my phone.

"What is that letter? And why on earth did you just leave? You should have waited until I was back!"

"Ma, I know. I'm sorry but I can explain it! I wa-"

"If you don't come back right now you don't need to come back to me and your sister when the school term is over." My mom said threatening.

I gulped. My stomach felt like someone punched me right there.

"Ma... I... can't." My voice broke off.

There was silence.

Then the sound of a disconnected phone line appeared.

An other round of stomach punches.

"Galaxy? What happened?" Remus asked.

I looked at the ground.

"My mom called. She told me to never come back again." I said with great effort.

There was silence.

"I told you that it was a bad idea." I said to Remus.

"Just wait and see." He said and hugged me.

But I tore apart quickly. I didn't want to cry on Remus' chest.

That right belonged only to Snape.

"Let's go." I said. Remus looked at me very worriedly. Finally he nodded and everyone followed Moody again.

"Throw that muggle thing away. It's for your own good." Moody whispered to me.

I shook my head and said: "I won't."

"What if mom tries to call me? To tell me that she changed her mind and that I could come back home again?" I thought.

Moody stopped suddenly and brought me out of my thoughts and made us all stop.

Then he looked quickly around, checking that the street was empty, and flicked with his wand unsuspiciously.

Suddenly an other house was squeezing between two other houses and pushed them with their content beside. The humans inside them seemed to have noticed nothing.

My mouth was wide open and I thought how this was possible!

"Come on!" Moody grabbed my arm and pulled me towards that new emerged house.

It was different from the other houses although it had the same structure.

It looked more older and run-down and it had definitely something creepy and unwelcoming.

That door knob with a snake on it was surely one of the reasons for that.

Moody tapped at the door and several locks clicked, opening the door.

Moody stepped inside without me.

"Come on! Enter!" Tonks said and passed me from my right to enter the house.

I obeyed and followed her.

I entered a very dark corridor. It felt as if I entered the nest of a snake!

The dark consumed me and disabled my seeing sense.

The other four were on their peak now.

It was a long corridor out of wood. The house had several floors.

It was cold, damp and it smelled of dust and sand.

Suddenly the door at the very end of the doorway opened and Mrs. Weasley emerged from it.

And then antique gas lamps, which had embellishments in form of moving spiders, lit up to reveal the shuddering inside of the house. The fidgeting legs of the spiders casted scary shadows along the hallway and intensified the feeling of unpleasantness.

There were three floors connected by old staircases which seemed to break down by putting one's little toe on one of them.

There were several dark pictures and paintings hanging crooked on the walls with dubious images, landscapes and arrogant looking people.

As I looked more closely through the house I noticed creepy and very racialist furniture in the house.

There was a table with legs out of real moving serpents, an umbrella stand out of a giants' leg and... Oh dear goodness! There were hung heads of beheaded houselves!

"Galaxy!" Finally Mrs. Weasley managed to walk up where I was and hugged me tightly and blocked the shocking and disgusting view. She kissed me on my cheeks and released me. I immediately looked back at the heads, to assure me that my mind got too wild and it just imagined that!

But unfortunately the heads were still there!

"You must be tired. How about getting fresh and then having something to eat?" She said in a friendly but yet demanding tone.

I tasted something bitter in my mouth and the imagination of having dinner right then made it even worst.

I gulped with great difficulty.

"I want to know what's going on!" I said barely audible and still looking at the beheaded houselves.

"You will know but please go upstairs and get comfortable firstly." Remus said.

"Upstairs?" I gulped.

"I don't believe anyone will get comfortable in here. Even I didn't get comfortable although I was born at this place!" Sirius appeared at the very end of the corridor where Mrs. Weasley was before.

Suddenly a loud scream was filling the silence.

I covered my ears as best as I could and looked around to see what made the noise.

A portrait of a very ugly looking old woman which was actually covered by a black fabric was screaming painfully.

Sirius and Remus were running towards them and placed the cloth back in front of the painting.

The screaming stopped and was replaced by a much heavier silence.

"She will never stop! And that's called a mother!" Sirius said disdainful and bitterly.

"Sirius?" I said in disbelieve.

He just smiled back.

"That's, unfortunately, my house and that was, unfortunately, my mother!" My mouth sprang open.

"You behead elves?!" My voice went a few notes higher.

He laughed and suddenly the screaming started again.

The black cloth was pushed aside again.

We released our ears when Sirius moved that cloth back in front of his mother's painting.

"Everything will be explained to you later!" Mrs. Weasley said sternly and pushed me towards the stairs, right to the elf heads.

"I won't pass that disgusting... THING!" I whispered with disgust!

Sirius laughed again but this time quieter. He grabbed my arm and lead me upstairs. He passed those heads and made sure that I was going near the landing.

"Here's your room. You're going to share them with others but more to that later." Sirius said.

Then he turned around and walked back downstairs.

I opened the door to my room and saw Hermione and Ginny sitting together on one bed.

"Galaxy!" Both said surprised and run towards me for a hug.

"Hey!" I said barely audible.

"I heard you were attacked by dementors too!" Hermione said deathly worried.

"And the disciplinary hearing! Exorbitant! They can't do anything to you! To none of you!" She looked more deathly worried, if this was even possible!

If I hadn't known her since last year I would have thought she was about to cry!

"I looked it up in the books there won't happen anything to you. Moreover, Dumbled-"

"God! Hermione! Calm down!" Ginny said.

Hermione looked confused around and started giggling then. Ginny joined her and I joined them too.

After we laughed out I closed the door and we sat on the bed.

"Now tell me everything you know! But before that! Who's the other one who got attacked?"

"Harry. Just moments before you arrived. Now they are going to pick him up too." Ginny said worriedly.

I squeezed her hand and suppressed my worries.

"Don't worry. He's clever enough to handle everything until they arrive." She forced a smile.

"Why are we in Sirius' house?"

"It's the headquarter of the Oder of Phoenix." Hermione said.

"Of what?"

"The order of Phoenix. A movement founded by Dumbledore at the time of the first war." I blinked and I immediately understood.

"Oh." I said before Hermione could add something.

"I understand." I said only.

"And why don't you write to Harry? He's writing to me all the time and he complained that he would never get an answer from you two! He went nearly mad!" I asked Hermione. I really wanted to ask them why they didn't write to Harry.

"Dumbledore forbid us." Hermione said uncomfortable.

But before I was able to ask her why on earth Dumbledore would want that two 'pops' were heard and the twins appeared in front of me.

"Ouh la la!" Both said and stared at me.

"Apparating and sneaking up in a girls dorm and finding such a beauty?" Fred said and started walking up to me with George.

"Just imagine we sneaked up while she was changing!" George said and with that they jumped at me and buried me in a big hug!

Ginny and Hermione jumped away just in the right moment.

"Guys! You are disgusting!" Hermione said.

"Hey! Get of me!" My muffled voice was heard between the twins.

They finally released me.

"You really overplayed but it's good to see you again." I said while I placed my hair back in a ponytail.

"We're just too attractive!" Both looked at each other and admired theirselves. I rolled my eyes.

Suddenly the door opened and made us all turn around. Beside Fred and George, they popped out.

"Galaxy, dear, will you come downstairs?" Mrs. Weasley said warmly but yet forceful. I looked at her sceptic but went out after her while giving Hermione and Ginny questioning looks and closing the door.

We passed the elf heads and I noticed that Mrs. Weasley pressed herself against the landing to make sure she won't touch them only by mistake.

We entered this room at the very end of the hallway. It came out to be the kitchen in the Black's house, the only room which looked more normal than the others.

There were only a few people inside the room.

Only Mr. and Mrs. Weasley, their son Bill, Remus, Sirius and a black man. I looked at him longer than I should because Remus said: "Kingsley. He was, too, escorting you to this house." I looked from Remus to Kingsley and nodded with a brief smile.

Kingsley just nodded.

"Sit down, please, My Lady." Sirius said in a sarcastic manner and shifted a chair close to him that I can sit down easily.

At 'My Lady' my whole body tensed.

I wasn't used to this surname but I surely have to get used to it. After all, I ordered that it should be exclaimed that the lady, though me, has risen again. Just after Voldemort did in that graveyard, a few months ago.

I narrowed my eyes at Sirius and walked up to the other side, to Mr. Weasley, and sat down beside him.

"The lady doesn't appreciate to be told what to do, Mr. Black." I said arrogantly and refused his offer.

Everyone in the room suppressed a giggle, beside Mrs. Weasley.

Sirius smiled beaten.

"Now. Tell me why you're here, enjoying the lovely screams of your mother while the others are rescuing Harry. You surely have joined them, though you're his god uncle." I said still in an arrogant way.

The ease from a few minutes ago vanished and everyone tensed.

"So you know what happened to Harry?" Mr. Weasley asked beside me.

"I do." I said shortly and still looked at Sirius who seemed to be helpless finding the right words.

"I'm waiting." I said sternly. I didn't know where this straightforwardness and self confidence came from but it was really doing good and I enjoyed it somehow.

Maybe it appeared because of Sirius and him calling me 'my lady'? Or maybe because I knew this time what happened to Harry.

"Dumbledore won't allow him. And he's very right with that!" Mrs. Weasley said finally.

"He could have more confidence in me." Sirius said back like a sulking child.

"If you have behaved more maturely, he would have!" Mrs. Weasley said back.

"Why will be Harry brought here and why was I brought here?" I interrupted Sirius before retorting Mrs. Weasley and settled their argument for a time.

"It's the headquarter of-"

"The Oder of Phoenix. I know." I interrupted Remus.

"Just tell me why I am here?! My house was well charmed and very secure, wasn't it, Remus? You told me that Dumbledore made sure of it!" I said agitated.

Remus stared at me attentive and said: "It is very secured. Yes. But it doesn't give you the opportunity of being invisible."

"I don't need to be invisible! It's my family who needs that! I can't protect them anymore because I am here now! Because I was made 'invisible'!" I said angry.

"Dumbledore makes sur-"

"Why is Dumbledore doing everything? Why are you all keeping quiet and try to hide when he's not hiding and doing what he wants?!" I interrupted Remus again.

Everyone stared at me in disbelieve.

"Dumbledore has the power to handle everything." Mr. Weasley said.

"As it seems, he does have the power to handle everything when it's gone wrong but he hasn't the power to do it right and properly right from the beginning?! There's something fishy." I said very daring.

"A simple man does mistakes when he's doing everything alone or when he trusts on others." Mr. Weasley said and with more passion this time.

"Dumbledore isn't a simple man. And he's not that stupid to trust in the wrong people." Mr. Weasley went quiet.

I read on their faces that they believed that something was wrong with me. Therefore they remained silent.

I sighed and adjusted me back in my chair.

"I just want to say that you are not children. You need to be more confident. And Dumbledore is a great, great wizard! He is! But sometimes we need to-"

I stopped in the middle of my sentence at once. I had a vision.

I saw Harry with a boy lying on the floor. The dementors were about to suck their lifes out. But Harry took his wand in the last second and yelled something.

Suddenly the vision vanished and I was back in the kitchen. Everyone looked at me worried.

I remembered what I wanted to say and added what I saw in my vision.

"... we need to think ourselves and be confident enough to know what we are doing. Like Harry. Who defeated the dementors on his own."

"But he's Harry Potter." Bill said.

"We are all Harry Potter!" I said back.

Remus and Sirius smiled at me. Even Kingsley smiled.

"You will be here until the start of term." Remus said. I looked at him madly.

"I can't! I need to go back! I need to see my sister! She's changed after the dementors attacked us!"

"And she has changed back by now!" Remus said resistantly.

"How did you escaped from them? You know, the dementors." Mr. Weasley asked suddenly and made my retort to Remus resolve in the air.

I looked at him and thought what to say now.

"Should I tell them about my guardian?"

"I had help: Luck." I said and decided against telling them about my guardian. Or putting that way, telling the half truth.

"There's nothing kind of luck around Dementors." Sirius said.

"Surely it is or how did you escaped from Azkaban?" Sirius smiled again.

"I like you." Kingsley said suddenly.

"That won't cause any trouble between us." I said back.

Kingsley smiled broader and I smiled too.

"Well, how about talking about one special person?" I made a pause to prepare them what I was about to ask.

"How's doing Voldemort?" The Weasleys shuddered lightly at his name.

"Oh he's just recruiting and he managed to hide himself perfectly to make the ministry believe that Dumbledore, Harry and you are liars, insane or just attention seekers." Sirius said in a way as if this was not a big thing.

I pursed my lips and nodded.

It surely scratched my ego to hear that I was a liar and that I was seeking attention. But why did I care about that all? I am the lady!

"Though he's savoring being alive again." I said.

"Well, I have to correct me, he will savor being alive again when he has achieved what he wants. And he's preparing everything for this precious moment." I corrected me. Everyone gulped.

"Have you any news about what he's doing exactly? Souvenir shopping? Jumping from cliffs to feel the rush of being alive again or hooking up with dementor ladies?" I asked sarcastic.

Bill laughed and caused Mrs. Weasley to stare at him angrily. Sirius was the only one who smiled beside Bill!

"We have sources he is forcing people to join him. He brainwashes the ministry and the daily prophet readers quite cleverly. We know therefore that he has his followers in the ministry and daily prophet." Kingsley said.

At the word follower I remembered Barty Crouch Jr. and what he did last year.

"What happened to Crouch Jr.?" I asked. I knew what happened to him. Snape told me after I woke up from the coma caused by touching the dark mark on Crouch Jr. arm.

I just hoped that someone could tell me why Barty was dead!

"Mr. Fudge ordered dementors to Hogwarts last year. They kissed him." I gulped.

"But before he could be kissed, he was already dead." I looked at Kingsley.


"Rumors say that he killed himself or Dumbledore ordered someone to kill him." I furrowed my brows.

Though, that's what was said about Barty.

"That confirms Fudge in assuming Dumbledore is planning on a riot to make himself minister. That's why he's not believing that... he's back." Kingsley added.

"But Dumbledore would never order someone to kill anybody. Nor does he want to be minister." Mr. Weasley said what was in my mind.

I nodded. Then there was silence again.

"Maybe I should tell them about the Azkaban release?" I wondered.

"I have one information you're might interested to hear." Everyone looked at me more curiously.

"Please tell me it's a good one." Remus said in a foreshadowing way.

I shook my head quickly.

"Voldemort is planning to release his followers from Azkaban." Everyone looked deathly. The paleness on their faces and the wide opened eyes said enough.

"No. It can't be." Remus said.

"It will happen."

"No. Remus is right. I escaped from Azkaban and I know it's nearly impossible!" Sirius said.

"Who's the strongest wizard after Dumbledore?" I asked suddenly. Everyone went quiet.

"Voldemort." I said his name.

"And the difference between Voldemort and Dumbledore is that Dumbledore sticks to the law. Voldemort is sticking to his own law which he changes on demand!" I looked back at Sirius.

"And now you're telling me Voldemort can't release his followers because he doesn't know how?!"

There was silence again.

"That's why dementors attacked us! They already changed the side." I said.

"I believe he can't do that. You explained that reasonable but ... he can't." Bill said.

"I agree with Bill." Mrs. Weasley said and Mr. Weasley joined his wife and son too.

"We will have a close look on that." Kingsley said finally.

"Mark my words. He will! And don't tell me when it happens I didn't warn you!" I said agitated.

Suddenly the door of the kitchen opened and interrupted our discussion.

I turned around and hoped to see Harry but instead him I saw Snape.

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