Between Crown And Heart - Book 2

Before Galaxy Charmé arrives back at Hogwarts to attend her fifth year, already bad things had happened.
Dementors showed up in her street and tried to kill her and her sister.
She tries to defend themselves and uses spells in front of a muggle, her sister, which gets Galaxy into trouble with the ministry.
In addition, Harry starts behaving strange. He's more angry and annoyed by his friends.
Her crush on Snape is already known by everyone and still yet she can't confess her feelings. Instead she does a very stupid mistake which causes distance between her and Snape.
Additionally, a new professor turns Hogwarts into hell and teaches her that her feelings towards a much older man is inappropriate and is not tolerated by her.
This and the unrolling of her true task, which is not rescuing the world as told by everyone, causes her to join Dumbledore's Army.
Most importantly, she discovers what an evil and disgusting system the Ladyhood is and how close this makes her to Voldemort.


2. 1 - Something Wicked

"That was a lovely dinner, So!" I said happily. My sister Sonja and I walked back to home after having dinner at Sebastian, So's boyfriend. They dated more than a year now.

"It was nice." Sonja underestimated but moreover just tried to say as little as much because of blushing.

I stopped in my tracks and put my hand on her arm to turn her to me.

"Are you kidding?! He made a bombastic dinner with all those strange and foreign food. All the time I didn't know what I was eating! It was like a 5 star dinner! And you're just saying 'it was nice'?!" She looked at her feet and smiled.

"I loved it!" Finally she admitted.

I smiled at seeing my big sister behaving like a teenager.

"You know, he couldn't take his eyes off you all the time! I felt like a fun killer!" I giggled.

Although it was pitch black night, I know that Sonja was blushing more.

"Noo, he just wanted to meet you and finally after you've got holidays we finally managed to meet. He thinks you're sharp minded by the way." I rose an eyebrow.

"Of all compliments he found that one?! Wow! And I thought he was finding more compliments that long when I left you both alone, before we left." My sister hid her smiling face in her hands.

"By the way, he's really cute. And an amazing cook! Damn! How I want my future husband to be a good cook now!" So and I laughed.

I tried to not think about whether Snape being a good cook or not.

"You really deserve him. He's doing good to you." I hugged my sister tightly.

"Thanks." She said back as we tore apart.

Suddenly a strong wind blew and the starlit sky above us covered in unnatural speed with clouds.

I sensed something wrong in the air and tensed.

"It got very cold at once!" Sonja stated in a light shivery voice.

"Let's hurry up and get home." I nodded worriedly.

We started walking faster, my sister because of that warmth you get inside when you move, me because something wicked was laying in the air.

"What if the death eaters came back? But this time they would take my sister too? Or worst, they would kill her?" I shivered and fastened my pace more. We were already in the little forrest near our house and we would be home in 10 min.

Out of my corner I noticed something very unusual for a summer night in the end of July, the ground and the trees started to cover in a slight icy layer. It looked like morning drew got frozen. But as we walked faster and faster it got more colder and the ice layer got thicker and thicker and covered soon plants.

From our mouths escaped huge, white mists.

"What's happening?!" We stopped and Sonja asked.

A scary rattling noise appeared out of nowhere and it was getting louder and louder.

"So, we need to get out of here. Quickly!" I grabbed her arm and started running back, from where we came.

The street lamps there extinguished one by one, started with the lamp on the very end of the street.

We stopped and watched the lights vanish.

"Galaxy..." My sister clasped tightly my hand. She was scared and so was I.

"Other side!" We turned around and were about to run in the other direction until we saw the same light extinguishing thing there.

"Shit! We're surrounded!" I thought.

"G-Galaxy!" Sonja was gripping my shoulder in fear.

"Sonja, you're actually the stronger one." I thought in my head.

The rattling voice got nearer and a strange rotten smell filled our nostrils. Additionally it was getting unbearable colder and... I felt sad and gloomier after every second.

I grabbed my wand and pointed in front of me. Something that felt strange after not doing it after nearly a month.

"What are you doing?!" Sonja asked panic struck.

"Preparing to defend us."

"Defend us by a stick?!" She believed that I went mad!

That made me remember Dumbledore's and mine first encounter. He rescued me from death eaters about a year ago. They wanted to kidnap me but Dumbledore saved me at the right moment.

Back then he took out a wand too and explained to me that magic does exist. There I thought he was mad too.

"Dumbledore! I wish you are here to help us!" I muttered.

I squinted in the dark and tried to make out my enemy.

A hooded shadow was floating towards us.

"Expelliamus!" I shouted as a reflex and ignored the law that prohibits jinxing in front of muggles but it didn't do anything good anyway. It kept on coming towards us.

I looked around to see anything that can help me but instead of something helpful I saw an other hooded shadow floating towards us from my right side.

"Stupify!" I shouted again but it was useless.

"Galaxy! What's that coming out of you-" Suddenly my sister cut off and slumped down on her knees. I looked down and saw her laying on the ground motionless.

"No!" I cried. I jumped on her down and covered her body with my body, keeping her from any harm.

But right then I felt a cold suction which sucked all my happiness and my breath out.

I heard distant voices and my surrounding darkened.

"You! You killed him! You!" My mothers voice appeared.

Right then everything darkened completely and I was falling into a very deep sleep. It felt a little like I felt before I drowned back at the second task of the Triwizard tournament last year.

But before I was completely gone I thought one last thing and for the very first time after weeks: "My guardian! Help!"

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