You let me go.

Harry has been depressed for over 4 months now. He wrote a new song called 'Don't Let me Go' and hoped that the boys would figure out that he was depressed. On one night harry lost to depression and suicide thoughts but will the boys save him or will they let him go?


1. Chapter One

                Harrys POV.

I got a call from Simon today. Apparently the song I needed to write for the album because i haven't wrote mush on the album was too deep. Well you know what i couldn't care less because If only he knew what was going through my mind maybe then he would understand. But i guess nobody does. 

That's right fag, nobody knows because your a mistake in life.

I know. I stared at the bloody razor in front of me. I cut today. You see i have for a while. It just makes me feel free, I can finally take all of my feelings out.Its like I've freed the monster inside of me.1 cut of Louis. Another for Liam. Another for Zayn. One for Niall and 4 cuts for everything else.

Hopefully you will cut deep one day. 

Is it weird that i'm talking with myself in my head? I mean i really don't care what he or she or whatever my mind is saying because its true. I am a fag. I am a mistake in life. 

Fiiinnnalllyy, you have figured that out fag. Why don't you go and do the world a favor and kill yourself.

No. Not yet anyway.

Well your such a pussy then, If you cant even think of others your such a stuck up mistake.

I was so caught up in my head that i didn't realize that the boys were at my door. Great. Not that i hate the boys or anything but i just want to be alone.


"SHUT UP ALREADY I'M COMING" I shout. Whoever done that is so annoying.  I mean seriously just knock like a normal person already.

Perhaps they will do the world a favor and kill you.. WOULDN'T THAT BE GREAT!!


I opened the door and Louis,Zayn, Niall and Liam was there.  

We all stood still for about 3 minutes. This was getting stupid why the hell would they knock on my door if they didn't want to say anything. I mean there all staring at me like i've grown two heads. There's nothing wrong with the way i look right? I have my skinny jeans on, a rolling stones tshirt and my hairs fine. Wait... HOLY COW MY CUTS I FORGOT TO PUT A JUMPER ON OH SUGAR. I rushed over to my bedroom and grabbed a jumper and put in on and legged it back to the door. Oh they've gone. Oh well i knew they wouldn't care about me

"Harry what's this?" 

Oh shoot. I turn around slowly hoping that they didn't go in my bathroom where i cut. I looked up into Liams worried eyes. 

"What's What Liam?"

Liam took his hand from behind his back. Oh was i dead.





Heyyy!!!!!!! TODAYS 1D DAY AND I REALLY HOPE I GET A HARRY FOLLOW BC THEN ID HAVE NARRY/5 AND IT WOULD JUST BE PERFECT!!!!!!!!!! Anyway i hope you all are having a good day! So im doing a depression story :( If any of you are having a hard time you can always talk to me bc one of my friends i met on kik was having suicide thoughts and i saved her so please if you want someone just to talk to im here and i won't judge! 

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Bye beautifuls <3 Your all amazing <3


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