Famously Kidnapped

A young girl named Maria Brown gets kidnapped, at first she thinks that it's some little thing and that she will be saved soon. But, she soon discovers that she is part of something big. A group of people are kidnapping talented kids and selling them to celebrities. At first she doesn't really care, she thinks that she won't get bought but there's just one problem. She's the best singer out of everyone that's been kidnapped, and when the celebrities start fighting over you things can only get worse. Includes people such as One Direction, Justin Bieber, The Wanted, Taylor Swift, Little Mix and possibly many more.


1. Just an ordinary day

It was just an ordinary day I got up, got dressed, ate breakfast and left. Today was perfect it was hot and sunny with a cool breeze. It doesn't take me very long to walk to school, about 10 minutes to be exact. I was halfway there when I saw a van parked on the side of the road. I walked past careful to keep my head down, an out of the corner of my eye I saw someone staring at me I shook it off and just kept on walking. I arrived at my school at about 8:45 and was quickly greeted by my friends, or at least my pretend friends. You see I have this problem and well, let's just say that I have no real friends. I'm actually someone that is continuously bullied behind my back, I do nothing but be my self around everyone and yet everyone still ends up hating me. I don't get why it happens it just does, I guess.


I watched as the wind picked up my long blonde hair and gently pushed it behind me. For some strange reason my hair never falls in front of my face, I don't have anything keeping it back but it stills stays there. I lifted my hand to my glasses and gently pushed them back towards my eyes. I turned and looked at my self in the reflection of one of the windows, despite my glasses, my bad complexion (I have acne), my bad teeth and my messy hair I didn't look that bad. My thoughts were interrupted by a voice "Maria, Maria, Maria!" "Huh oh sorry Taylor what were you talking about?" I looked over at Taylor she had beautiful long red hair,perfect teeth, perfect complexion everything that I didn't have. Not to mention perfect nails hers were long and beautifully painted, while mine were short and plain, I bite my nails.


"I was telling you that Justin Bieber was coming to town", oh great another celebrity I guess this is what happens when you live in Melbourne! "Yay" I said sarcastically "what's you problem?" "Nothing I just don't like Justin Bieber" "how can you not like him?! He's sensitive, cool, hot, sweet, an amazing singer did I mention that he's HOT!" "You said that he looked good twice" "he just doesn't just look good he's amazing!" "right and I'm a unicorn" "what did you say?" "Nothing" I started to walk away "where are you going?" "To my locker" "why?" "Well I don't know you tell me" I looked at her with a mischievous grin on my face. "Don't give me that look" she said as we started walking to my locker "I don't understand how you could not be excited about this" "well simple I don't like Justin Bieber" "is it just me or do you always say that?" "Say what?" "Every time that I tell you a male celebrity such as Justin Bieber or One Direction are coming to town you don't seem interested and when I ask you why you say I don't like them."


"Maybe that's because I don't" "why not?" "I don't like their music" "oh come on Maria your a tomboy you love boy bands" "ok two things number one Justin Bieber isn't a boy band and number two just because I'm a tomboy doesn't mean that I like all music" "ok number one I know and number two it isn't just boy bands you hate it's every male celebrity" "Technically it's only singers and bands that I hate" "who cares you still hate them." She's got a point there, "hey maybe if you just met them" "oh no" "what?" "There's no way that I'm meeting anyone especially one of them" "oh come on" "no!"


"Fine" I smiled she looked really angry and hurt but honestly I didn't really care that much. Sure I am a nice person and I am her friend even though she hates me, anyway she's looks funny when she's angry. By this time we came to my locker everything was ok, as soon as I opened the door the bell rang. "Well see you later" "bye" I watched as she left her long hair flowing behind her she liked wearing her hair up and with several bobby pins in it. I smiled and turned to my locker I quickly grabbed my books and headed off to class.


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