Mine for the summer

Two best friends are spending three weeks alone, without parents for the first time. Breaking rules isn't something new for them. But meeting worlds most famous guys definitely is.


4. What the hell

 So here's a new update, i hope you'll like it. If you do let me know and thanks for reading it :))xx

Taylor’s POV: 


We finally arrive to our boat. I slowly turn around: “ It’s not as big as yours but i hope it will be fine”. I hear Harry’s voice answering:

“It will be perfect”. Louis rolled his eyes about Harry being cheesy. I open the door and continue my way inside. Grace and guys follow me. They all sit down on the sofa so i have to hop on the kitchen counter.

 We keep quiet for a few minutes but i can’t handle it anymore so i say sarcastically: “Wow you guys are really loud and you have a lot to talk about”. They all smile. “ I know this is really awkward but i’m not a “quiet” person, so what on the earth are you doing here? I mean this small town in the middle of nowhere. And where are Zayn and Niall?”

Liam decides to answer my questions. “We really wanted peaceful holidays and Harry’s mom suggested us to come here because there are not a lot of people around. She knows this place because she met her husband here. Everything worked as planned but then somehow paparazzi found us and we are trying to hide from them ever since. It’s been two days now and it’s really annoying.” 

“Oh….i can't even imagine someone running after me with a camera and trying to take a photo of every step i make.” 

“It’s not really pleasant but it’s part of our business. And by the way, Niall and Zayn are spending their summer with their girlfriends. Probably having much better time that we are.” Louis says.

 When Louis finishes talking we start discussing about all the other random topics. Whatever crosses our minds. It's like we’ve known each oder forever. Guys relax a bit and i think they are really into this conversation. Time just passes by and when i check the time i realise that we’ve been talking for more then one hour. I look at Grace and she seems really full of joy and happiness. Noticing that i'm not the only one looking at her doesn't really surprise me. I’m sure Liam has a thing for her.

“I don’t mean to interrupt our little talk but I’M STARVING!” Louis says and makes a strange sound. “That makes two of us” Liam continues. “Three” Harry finishes.

“Oh my god, I’m so sorry guys. The time passes by so fast and i totally forget to offer you any food or drinks.”

“Stop there, it’s not your job to feed us or something” Liam smirks. “The problem is that we can't go out because of these stupid paparazzi.”

“Do you like waffles?” Grace asks randomly.

“I really hope that wasn't a serious question because i think that the person who doesn't like waffles, doesn’t exist.” Harry answers quite serious.

“Great! So it’s okay with you guys if me and Grace grab some groceries from the local shop and i bake some waffles?”

“You really don’t have to do this” Harry says politely. 

“No i don't. I can just leave you all here and you can starve to death and then i'll drop your bodies into the sea and hope that fish will eat them” I replay sarcastically. They all start laughing at my stupid sentence. “Don’t worry, we’ll be back in 30 minutes”. “BAI”


As we step out i whisper to Grace: “Act normal they might be watching”. 

“I’m trying! How long until i can freak out?!” “Just a few more steps baby” and after 10 steps she can't hold it anymore. 

“OMG TAYLOR DO YOU EVEN KNOW WHAT’S HAPPENING?! We spent more then one hour talking to Liam,Harry and Louis. Please pinch me, i have to make sure i’m not dreaming. I can’t believe it. How can you act so normal?! ”

“I don’t know. Probably because i’m not obsessed with them. Although i have to say, they are really nice. We can talk about everything and i feel like i’ve known them for a while” i replay.

“I KNOW RIGHT.” Grace is still over excited. “And by the way, Harry’s totally into you” she winks at me. 

“WHAT?! Oh come on. That’s not possible. He’s probably just being nice because we are hiding them away from the paparazzi. On the other hand, have you seen Liam? He can’t move his eyes away from you”

“Mhmmmm i noticed that and i don't mind it at all” she smirks. We continue our way to the closest shop and grab some eggs, milk and flour. 

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