Mine for the summer

Two best friends are spending three weeks alone, without parents for the first time. Breaking rules isn't something new for them. But meeting worlds most famous guys definitely is.


2. This is how it begins

After two hours of driving we stop at the gas station. Grace and I pick up a cup of coffee “to go” and it tastes delicious. It kinda reminds me on that one from Starbucks. Soon we continue our driving. I fall asleep listening to “Do i wanna know” from Arctic monkeys. I love this song. 

When I wake up we are already here. Grace is looking at me with a huge smile on her face and i know there's something she has done while i was sleeping. I automatically check my facebook and instagram accounts and find a picture of me sleeping. OH MY GOD, I’m going to kill her and I’m not even joking. We are fighting until i get her phone and delete that horrible picture. She pretends to be sad and stares at me with those puppy eyes and of course i can’t be angry with her. It was just a joke after all.


My parents help us carrying our luggage upstairs. And then it's time. Time for my mother to have a speech. “ Okay girls, so we are leaving now. Promise us that you won’t be doing any shit and things you could regret later (she meant sex). Oh and of course NO boys!”

“Yes mom” i replay like always. She looks at me with a doubt in her eyes because deep inside she knows she's making a mistake by letting us spend three weeks here all by ourselves. “I trust you and i know you won’t let me down “ she says. 

“I love you mom”. “I love you more honey” she answers with a smile on her face. “Now we’ve been here far too long. Have fun girls and i’ll see you in three weeks!”

“BAIIII” Grace and I shout. 


We look each oder in the eyes and Grace screams: “LETS GET THIS PARTY STARTED!”

I am so happy, because this is the first summer we are spending together, completely alone, no parents just us. And maybe some cute boys if we find them.

“It’s unfortunate we can’t stay on your yacht, it would be even more fun” Grace says.

“Yeah about that…I stop here for a second and take something out of my pocket.

“YOU DIDN’T” she shouts at me with a huge smile on her face.

“I think i did” i almost whisper while holding boat keys in my hand. 


Here we go, the first thing i wasn’t supposed to do. I stole my father’s keys. I didn't steal them, i actually just borrowed them hoping he won’t notice. I couldn’t believe myself. I did something i could regret for the rest of my life. But at this moment it doesn't matter. 


Grace’s POV:


“I can’t believe it. What has she done?! She actually stole her father's keys, knowing he is strict as fuck. Letting us stay in his flat alone for three weeks was already a big deal for him. She definitely crossed her line, but i like it. I like wild and crazy Taylor, not giving a fuck about anything. She wasn’t like that before. She used to worry about every single thing but she has changed and i like the “new” Taylor.

With seeing those keys in her hands i couldn’t stop thinking how amazing these three weeks are going to be. 

As soon as possible we leave our flat and take our things to the boat.

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