Mine for the summer

Two best friends are spending three weeks alone, without parents for the first time. Breaking rules isn't something new for them. But meeting worlds most famous guys definitely is.


7. First kiss

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A warm sunshine wakes me up by shining directly onto my face. I open my eyes and see Harry’s arm wrapped around my waist. My heartbeat instantly raises and i can feel a slight blush on my cheeks. What's going on? Maybe, but just maybe i like this feeling, although i know it's wrong. 

Harry is slowly waking up. 

“Good morning sleepyhead, did you sleep well?”

“Morning Tay. It was fine, although it gets quite cold at night. What about you? Any sweet dreams?” he winks at me.


“Nah, nothing special. Hungry?” 

He nods his head. We go downstairs and finally get to the kitchen. As we step in we hear loud groans coming from Grace's and Liam's room. What the hell! She and I are going to have a conversation about that. They are so fucking loud. I can't listen to them anymore. I make a disgust face and walk outside. Suddenly Harry grabs me and lifts me over his shoulder. 

“I think you should cool down a little”

“No Harry! Don’t even think about it!” i scream. 

But it doesn't help because next thing i know, i'm swimming in the sea in my pyjamas. I'm so mad. He’s definitely paying for this.

 When i finally get out, i look at him and he's laughing so hard that he isn’t paying attention. I use this moment and jump on him and start hugging him. He ends up all wet. And after that we both jump in the sea laughing. I guess we were loud enough to wake up Louis, because he came out all cranky. A moment later Grace and Liam join us. I look at Grace and roll my eyes. She just smiles. I go inside to change my clothes and prepare breakfast. 

When we are sitting outside, eating breakfast, Louis starts a conversation: 

“So i’m just curious, are we going to stay here for the next three weeks or are we moving places? And also we’ll need to go shopping for food soon.”

Considering me as “the boss” i have to answer his question. 

“I was thinking to go somewhere tomorrow, but as you said we have to go to the store first. The nearest one is half an hour walk from here”

“I’m cool with leaving tomorrow and i know you have to check some stuff before we leave, so Liam, Louis and I are going to do the shopping/walking thing. Harry can help you with that engine thing or whatever. Are you all cool with that?” Grace smiles. 

The moment she mentions mine and Harry’s name i know what was her plan but i don’t resist. We all nod our heads, although we have to listen to Louis’s complaining about how much he hates walking. 

It was noon. Grace, Liam and Louis decide to get going. That means i’m spending next few hours alone with Harry. I wonder how is this going to end.

At first i thought it will be awkward, but it wasn’t. We are sitting at the back of the boat just talking about everything. He's telling me about his life, fame, family, his friends back in England and even about their fans. His life is so different to mine. I feel like i am talking to a completely different person, but it's nice to know so much about him. It actually gives me a feeling like i’ve known him for a long time. I tell him quite a lot about myself too, which is uncommon because i have hard time trusting people. Grace is the only person that knows everything about me, but Harry is giving me a feeling that he can be trusted, so i just talk. When i finally stop talking he looks at me directly in the eyes and smiles. 

“I really want to kiss you right now Taylor” he says, still looking directly into my eyes.

“Don’t. You’ll regret it”

“I doubt that”

These are the last words he says before he places his hand on my cheeks and presses his lips against mine. I begin moving my lips in sync with his. My head is empty, no thoughts, no worries. Just us, here and now.

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