Wolf Girl

I am Jessica Rattey. I walk with wolves, I live with wolves. Wolf is my life, they are my family. But I wasn't always a part of the pack. I was once quite human, but now I am wild at heart. Having wolves at my side, together, we can conquer anything. We together stand strong, this is where I belong. No longer call me by the name of Jess, for now I shall go by the name of WolfGirl!


4. Searching For Breakfast

I woke up to wet tongue kisses all over my face. I pushed Nanuq away and laughed saying "ok, ok, I'm getting up". I stretched, and with a yawn I looked around at the bright forest floor. Beams of sunshine getting through the tree canopy here and there. It was a beautiful site. Nanuq barked excitedly as I began to get up. "I think we should look for something to eat now". Nanuq barked again with joy as I began to walk, my new companion scampering after me on his big bounding paws. All I could find was a few berries I picked off of a bush nearby. I offered some to Nanuq, but he refused them with a look of digust on his face. Nanuq was much more interested with a bone he had found lying around on the forest floor. The bone was neary the size of him, as h tackled it with his sharp teeth.

I had a lot of fun with Nanuq, rolling around the floor like an animal does in play. As it got late Nanuw looked at me hopefully as if to be asking me for food. I said with a sigh "I'm sorry boy. I have nothing to give to you. I know your hungry. I promise we will find food together tommorow".

Nanuq put his head down in his paws and let out a sad whine of hunger as he fell asleep in a huff. I cuddled up close to him and also fell asleep quite stressed with an empty stomach.

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